King (Onigashima) JUS

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Character Information:

King the Conflagration is one of the three All-Stars of the Beasts Pirates and Kaidou’s right-hand man. Born as Alber, he is a member of the near-extinct lunarian race from the Red Line, noted for their ability to create fire. Due to his actions and role, he is a major antagonist in the Wano Country Arc.

King is a towering man at 613 cm tall, with a well-muscled, broad-shouldered frame and long limbs. Being a lunarian, he has his race’s telltale features: large, black-feathered wings on his back that reach down to knee length, a brown complexion, and silver-white hair. Said hair is shaved on the sides but kept long on top, where it is mostly drawn back and bound at King’s occiput before flowing freely down past his nape; some sidelocks hang down on the right of King’s face, to his collarbone, and include a thin braid. King’s face is characterized by his narrow red eyes, prominent dark eyebrows, a straight nose, prominent lips, and a square, stubbly chin. Circling halfway around his left eye, on its outer side, is a black tattoo resembling a laurel wreath or olive branch. In addition, a plume of fire constantly rises from King’s upper back, also owing to his heritage (though it may extinguish), and when King transforms into a pteranodon, these flames further engulf his back and wings while his natural lunarian wings are replaced by his pterosaur ones. When being dealt the finishing blow by Roronoa Zoro amid the conclusion to their fight, King had half his right wing sliced off.

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Game Console:

Symbols in the game: a,b,c ( Basic attack skills) x,y,z ( Special attack skills ) ▲,▼,►, ◄ or D (Down),U (Up),F (Forward), B (Backward) ( move key ); S (Start or Power Changer )

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– Basic attack skills: 

  • a (attack with fists)
  • b (Attack with feet)
  • c (long range attack)

– attack combination

Skill 1:  D, DF, F, aSkill 4: D, DB, B, aSkill 7: D,arecovery 1: a + b
Skill 2:  D, DF, F, bSkill 5: D, DB, B, bSkill 8: D,brecovery 2: b + c
Skill 3:  D, DF, F, cSkill 6: D, DB, B, cSkill 9: D,crecovery 3: a + c

– Ultimate: x, y, z



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