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Toriel is a goat-like monster who is the second major character the protagonist encounters in Undertale. She saves the protagonist from Flowey and guides them through the Ruins, of which she is the self-proclaimed caretaker. She is the ex-wife of Asgore, the mother of Asriel Dreemurr, the adoptive mother of the first human, and the first boss, guarding the end of the Ruins. She tries to protect the human from the dangers in the Underground, providing a safe tutorial through the first few rooms of the game.

Toriel is a Boss Monster whose head resembles a white-furred Nubian Goat, structured with floppy ears and tiny horns. She has a pair of visible fangs and long eyelashes, and her irises have a dark red tint. She has an anthropomorphic body, with paws at the end of her limbs. She wears a long purple robe with white sleeves and the Delta Rune on the chest. Toriel can also be seen with reading glasses, one instance being in her house when reading a book on snail facts.



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