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Kouzuki Oden (in German anime and manga up to Zou Oden Kouzuki) was a nobleman from Wa no Kuni and the son of the then shogun Kouzuki Sukiyaki, who one day appointed him prince (daimyo) over the principality of Kuri. He was the father of Kouzuki Momonosuke and Kouzuki Hiyori and the husband of Toki Kouzuki. As part of Gol D. Roger’s pirate gang, he sailed the Grandline before his death and even reached Laugh Tale Island. So he was one of the few who knew the “true story”.

His family consisted of stone masons and created the porn glyphs. He was the last person in the family who knew how to work the special rock and how to immortalize messages there. Before he could pass on his knowledge to his son Momonosuke, he was killed 20 years ago by Kaido and the shogun of Wa no Kuni, Kurozumi Orochi. His last wish was that the borders of Wa no Kuni be opened.





Kouzuki Oden was a man with a long black mane, which was shaped like a plate above his head. At the age of 18, Oden wore a light kimono, which was decorated with two dark crescent moons and held with a dark fabric belt. 

The kimono only covered his upper body, so his legs were always exposed. He wore normal wooden sandals as shoes. A special feature was the large rope that he carried on his back. It is called the tsuna and is worn in sumo sport. During the past five years on Wa no Kuni, Oden grew a goatee.

 Even in infancy, Oden possessed extraordinary physical strength. Before he was even a year old, he hurled his midwife across the room. By the age of two he could catch rabbits with his bare hands. When he was four years old, he killed a bear by throwing a large stone at it. 

When he was six, he moved to the brothel district and messed with the yakuza there. By the age of ten he almost killed someone. Its immense strength was especially noticeable in later years. As a samurai he used the so-called Daito two-sword style (Japanese 大刀 二 刀 流, Daitō Nitōryū ~ Daito means “long sword”) and was the bearer of the two king swords Enma and Ame no Habakiri. These are said to be able to cut the heaven and the ground of hell, which underlines their power.

 At least Enma is a sword that cannot be mastered by every swordsman. In fact, so far, Oden was the only one who could “tame” Enma. Fighting successes were on the one hand the victory over Ashura Doji, one of the most dangerous criminals from Kuri at the time, who later became Oden’s henchman, as well as stopping a giant mountain god with a single sword blow who almost completely destroyed the flower capital.

 What was particularly noteworthy, however, was the injury that Oden could inflict on the Emperor Kaido with his sword Enma. This is particularly noteworthy since it was the only scar the emperor had ever sustained.

 Similar to Luffy, Oden had the ability to make allies everywhere because of his extraordinary charisma. Despite his controversial reputation in the early years, Oden developed into a charismatic man whom he knew how to gather a loyal following. 

Not only did the young thug Kinemon and the orphan boy Denjiro quickly join in, but also the notorious Ashura Doji, among others. With Inuarashi and Nekomamushi he also had such a deep friendship that they also joined him. Moreover, their connection was so strong that even the entire Mink tribe of the Kouzuki family swore their loyalty. 

On Zou, this meant that the Minks would rather risk their lives than betray an ally of the Kouzuki family to the 100-beast pirate gang.

 As heir to the Kouzuki clan, Oden was also taught to work on the indestructible rock of the porn glyphs and to read their inscriptions. In addition, he had the same rare ability as Roger to hear the voice of living things that no other human being can perceive, such as that of the elephant Zounisha.

 According to Ashura Doji, Oden was a master of king shaki. He had already mastered the armor haki in his youth.

Back in Wa no Kuni:

To his amazement, he was greeted warmly not only by his companions and his family, but also by the local population. He owed this to his wife Toki, who looked after her in his absence and thus maintained his reputation. 

However, he also learned that two of his followers, Ashura Doji and Denjiro, were no longer in his service and that his father had died. It got worse when Orochi was appointed the new shogun and arms factories were set up on Wa no Kuni, and residents were forced to produce them. 

He also learned that Orochi was supported by the pirate Kaido. However, when he was told that Orochi had attacked his family and saw Toki’s wound, his fuses blew and he stormed to the shogun. With the intention of killing him, he drew his sword, but his attack was repulsed by a barrier by Kurozumi Semimaru and he was shown how Orochi really came to power.

 Kurozumi Higurashi had eaten from the tranny fruit and thus pretended to be Oden’s father and named Orochi as his successor. Ultimately, however, Kaido also appeared and a little later Oden was only lightly dressed and grinning in the streets, dancing. 

So he was finally only ridiculed by the population, but a few remained loyal to him. Twenty-four years ago he learned of Gol D. Roger’s death from a newspaper. But after he made a monkey of himself for five years, Orochi appeared in Kuri 20 years ago and it turned out that their agreement was not kept by him and that Hyogoro was also imprisoned. 

Oden’s companions were happy to hear that the time had come for a setback and they got ready to fight. The hour of legends began. A fierce battle ensued, in which Shinobu Oden also joined and he seemed to gain the upper hand. 

In the fight against Kaido he was able to give this a huge wound on the chest, but Higurashi pretended to be Momonosuke and was able to distract Oden, whereby he was defeated. He protected Shinobu by denying her, but he and his loyal companions were sentenced to death. 

While Oden himself died at the hand of Kaido, he was able to save his subordinates from death. Nor did he pass on his knowledge, which he gained on Laugh Tale, to her for her protection.


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