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Character Information:

Gengar (Japanese: ゲンガー Gangar) is Ghost Shadow Pokémon that is known to the evolved form of Haunter when traded. It is also the final evolved form of Gastly. Gengar is dark purple in color and roundish in shape. Gengar’s hands now connect to the rest of its body and it has a pair of legs and a short, pointed tail. Gengar’s eyes are now red, its back has a spiny appearance, and its mouth is usually curled into a sinister grin. Its height is 4’11” and weight is 89.3 lbs.

Gengar have the ability to hide perfectly in the shadow of any object, granting it exceptional stealth. However, Gengar’s body acts as a heat sink; its presence cools the temperature of the surrounding area by nearly 10°F, because it took the warmth. In addition, Gengar possesses the ability to fly through the air, as demonstrated by Morty’s Gengar. Since Gengar is a fully evolved Pokémon, it can use Hyper Beam and Giga Impact.

Gengar are very mischievous, and at times, malicious. They enjoy playing practical jokes, such as pretending to be one’s shadow, then behaving erratically. When the quarry notices, the Gengar takes delight in its victim’s terror. However, Gengar have been known to be loyal to Trainers that treat them well; the smile is less mischievous and friendlier in this case. Gengar may also cast curses.

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Game Console:

Symbols in the game: a,b,c ( Basic attack skills) x,y,z ( Special attack skills ) ▲,▼,►, ◄ or D (Down),U (Up),F (Forward), B (Backward) ( move key ); S (Start or Power Changer )

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– Basic attack skills: 

  • a (attack with fists)
  • b (Attack with feet)
  • c (long range attack)

– attack combination

Skill 1:  D, DF, F, aSkill 4: D, DB, B, aSkill 7: D,arecovery 1: a + b
Skill 2:  D, DF, F, bSkill 5: D, DB, B, bSkill 8: D,brecovery 2: b + c
Skill 3:  D, DF, F, cSkill 6: D, DB, B, cSkill 9: D,crecovery 3: a + c

– Ultimate: x, y, z



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