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Enel is the former tyrannical “God” of Skypiea. After having been defeated by Monkey D. Luffy and yet, nonetheless, successfully arriving on the moon, he became its new ruler.

Enel is the main antagonist of the Skypiea Arc and thus the major antagonist of the Sky Island Saga as a whole. After his defeat on Skypiea, he became the central character for Enel’s Great Space Operations Cover Page Serial.





Enel is a pale-skinned man with a well-toned yet somewhat wiry build, standing very tall at 266 cm (8’9″). He has a slim face, usually seen with a relaxed, half-lidded expression accentuated by a calm, confident smile. He has blond hair (platinum blond in the anime, a slightly darker shade in the manga) that is set in a large perm, albeit always tucked under a close-fitting, white skullcap. 

His eyebrows, contrastively, are black, rather thick, and top grayish-blue eyes with prominent bottom lashes. His nose is slim with a marked, flat bridge that has several lines run horizontally across it. Very distinctly, Enel’s earlobes stretch all the way to his chest (or well below as per inconsistent portrayal, though generally longer in the manga), being weighted down by gold earrings with diamond-shaped pendants (in the manga holding fitted, red gems in the middle). 

Upon his back, stuck centrally into his shoulder blades, is a large, gray ring (in place of Birkan wings) and attached to it four wooden shime-daiko drums set next to and above his head (inconsistently shown as either larger or smaller than such), each with cream-colored drum skin depicting a black mitsudomoe on the front and back (based on the drum ring associated with the Japanese thunder deity Raijin), which (similarly to said god’s thunder creation) Enel can use as a medium for his electricity-generating powers.

Enel takes to wearing a simple yet sumptuous-looking outfit, matching his “godly” self-image. Fond of gold, he dons plain, rigid bracelets of said material—a quadruple set worn like bangles on each forearm—and above each bare foot a wide, pearl-edged gold anklet double-lined in the middle, plus two gold rings on each hallux. Otherwise bare above the waist, Enel’s only garments are on the legs: a flowing, indigo (purple in the manga) sash encircles his waist, knotted in a small half-bow at his right hip, with one end of it hanging to near-ground level.

 This sash upholds a dark-turquoise (lighter-blue in the manga) fabric around his waist as a wraparound skirt, draping over the back and in the front, where it slightly overlaps, forming a large divide to show off Enel’s pants below. Such are extremely baggy, ballooning ones gathered quite a bit below the knees with separate, brown, short cuffs each holding a small, gold-buckled strap of light blue. 

Each pant leg is patterned in bright orange: many longish, rectangular (more so obround in the anime) shapes touching in a slanting position, forming three separate rows of which the lowest comes out the cuff; the upper and middle row each tops a single row of dots numbering fewer than the aforesaid shapes, with the rest of the pants dark-bluish (black in the manga).

Eight years before the beginning of the story when overthrowing Gan Fall, Enel looked the same except for his skirt piece being green, and his pants being differently patterned: three black, horizontal lines with several thin spikes jutting up and down from each (the ones from one line offset to those from another so that they touched not) on orange background; in the anime, the pants instead had horizontal line pairs running close to each other and kinking up and down to form square-pointed diamond outlines.


► B1: Click vào nút Download ngay trên
► B2: Tải tập tin trong đó về máy và giải nén ra (nếu quá trình giải nén bị lỗi, hãy tải và cài đặt Winrar)
► B3: To have to play char, you must have an game mugen in the machine (If not have may Download a version)
► B4: Sau khi giải nén file Char nhân vật vừa tải về, bạn hãy coppy file tên của nó vào dữ liệu mục ->  select.def
► B5: Tiếp tục bạn cần coppy file char vào char mục :
►B6: Vào game và chơi


► Nếu bạn muốn chơi toàn màn hình, hãy nhấn  (ALT + Enter) 
► Nếu bạn có thắc mắc, hãy gửi tin nhắn cho tôi theo gmail địa chỉ ở bên dưới 

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