Tatsumaki V3.1 JUS

Version: 1.1File Size: 97 MB
Author: KurofeyLanguage: English
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Character Information:

Tatsumaki is a character from One Punch Man, a webcomic series created by ONE. Her superhero name is Tornado of Terror. Not much is known about Tatsumaki’s history. She and her younger sister Fubuki were both born with psychic abilities, but Tatsumaki was the stronger of the two. Unknown to Tatsumaki, her young mastery over her psychic abilities cause the neighborhood kids to be terrified of her, which indirectly led to Fubuki being isolated. At the age of 7, however, Tatsumaki was taken away from her adopted family (though her parents were given money for complying) by scientists who wanted to study her psychic powers. Fubuki wasn’t taken since her powers didn’t develop at the time. Tatsumaki was constantly tested on because of her extraordinary abilities, but she was also given toys and candy whenever she cooperated. However, it wasn’t a fun life. Whenever Tatsumaki wasn’t using her powers, she was kept locked up in a cell and was denied permission to go outside by the scientists. 18 years before the start of the series when Tatsumaki was 10, a monster outbreak occurred while she was still locked up in a cell, leaving her alone to fend off the monster. Lucky for her, the hero Blast came to her rescue and defeated the monster. Afterward, Blast told Tatsumaki not to rely on others to rescue her.

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Game Console:

Symbols in the game: a,b,c ( Basic attack skills) x,y,z ( Special attack skills ) ▲,▼,►, ◄ or D (Down),U (Up),F (Forward), B (Backward) ( move key ); S (Start or Power Changer )

mugen anh 1


– Basic attack skills: 

  • a (attack with fists)
  • b (Attack with feet)
  • c (long range attack)

– attack combination

Skill 1:  D, DF, F, aSkill 4: D, DB, B, aSkill 7: D,arecovery 1: a + b
Skill 2:  D, DF, F, bSkill 5: D, DB, B, bSkill 8: D,brecovery 2: b + c
Skill 3:  D, DF, F, cSkill 6: D, DB, B, cSkill 9: D,crecovery 3: a + c

– Ultimate: x, y, z



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