► Name: J-Stars VictoryOS: PC
► Updated: 18/08/2023Empty Box: 132 
Download:  CLICK► Author: Dark Night

Screenpack Mugen J Stars Victory anh 1
Screenpack Mugen J Stars Victory anh 2
Screenpack Mugen J Stars Victory anh 3

The Mugen screenpack “J-Stars Victory” brings the iconic characters from various Japanese manga and anime series together in an explosive collision of universes. This screenpack transforms the classic Mugen engine into a battleground where beloved characters showcase their abilities and engage in thrilling cross-franchise battles.

With the “J-Stars Victory” screenpack, players can select their favorite characters from a diverse range of anime and manga series, spanning genres from action to comedy and beyond. The screenpack’s carefully designed visuals and interface pay homage to the original source material, creating an immersive experience that fans will appreciate.


Link Download ( NO ADS): SCREEN PACK J-Stars Victory

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