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Mugen is the 2d graphics engine that allows you to create fighting games in the style of Street Fighter, King of Fighter and others, created by the software house Elecbyte back in 1999, with the C programming language.

Thanks to Mugen you can create your own fighting game style, customizing it 100%, inserting the characters you prefer, the stages related to each character, the entire graphic interface, in short, the entire game is totally customizable.

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Tên:Naruto Konoha Legends 

Update: 08/05/2021

Thể Loại: Đối Kháng, PK

Số Người Chơi: Chơi đơn

Ngôn Ngữ: Tiếng Anh

Hệ Điều Hàng: Windows

 Giới Thiệu Game 

► Tải game Naruto Konoha Legends Mugen 5 miễn phí link Google Driver/ Download Free.
► Naruto Konoha Legends Mugen 5 (formerly known as Naruto Ninja Battle Mugen) is a fighting game based on all Naruto series (including Boruto), made using the MUGEN engine by TrafalgarLawzz – the creator of games such as Jump Force Mugen and great Naruto Battle CLIMAX Mugen. The game includes an impressive number of over 100 playable characters, which you have probably already seen in other Mugen packs, but it’s very rare for one game to have such a large roster. The characters seem to be polished, but of course the final verdict about the balance is up to you. Another thing that makes an impression is the number of stages. The fights take place on 21 different arenas, so the game does not seem as repetitive as most Mugen games. High resolution (1280×720) improves the game experience even more. The menu and the rest of the game is entirely in English, which makes it easier to navigate.

As in almost every Mugen game, also in this game you can choose from a variety of modes such as Arcade or Survival. The 2v2 fights are an exception – they don’t have place here. Instead, in co-operative mode, you and your friend can change during the fight (via Start button). TrafalgarLawzz is known as creator of very fast, dynamic games and maybe 4 characters on the screen at the same time would make too much chaos. If you need to practice special moves, you can always use the Training mode or check the capabilities of different characters watching the fight between two characters controlled by computer AI in Watch mode. Unfortunately, chars folders don’t have any Read me files, so you need to discover all special moves by yourself.


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