LIFEBAR MUGEN | The Climax Sacrifice

Download a life bar you like. You can find these in the STAGE MUGEN section. These files usually come in the form of RAR and ZIP, which can be opened by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Extract File”.

Extract the files to a folder in the Data folder for Mugen.

Open the file named System.def with a text editor like Notepad.

Scroll down to the line that says “[File]” and there will be a line that says “fight =fight.def”. Edit this line so that the name of the folder containing your new life bar is preceded by “fight.def” with a “/”. For example, if your life bar is in a folder named “NewBar”, the line would be “fight = NewBar/fight.def”.

Save the changes to a text file.

Name :The Climax Sacrifice

DisplayName : The Climax Sacrifice
Author : …
Mugenversion : 1.1

Links Media: https://Lifebar mugen

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