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Character Information:

Goku (Ultra Instinct), Son Goku is a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ. He was revealed alongside Kefla on February 9 2020 as the second DLC fighter from Fighterz Pass 3. He was released on May 22, 2020. He can be purchased for 4.99$ or by buying the FighterZ Pass 3.

Once understanding Whis’ words behind self-movement, Goku learned to let go of all self-doubt and live in the moment. When fully synchronizing his impulses with his natural drive, Goku can subconsciously unlock the full potential of his offensive and defensive might. This culminates with Goku’s silver glow consuming him, turning his hair silver and skin tone more ethereal in nature. The power in this form is vastly greater than his Sign state that it completely shreds away his shirt upon transforming (in the anime). In this state, Goku showed such excellent control of his ki, able to calmly repel and contain any energy assault thrown at him. He can unleash barrages of his energy in focused shockwaves and cancel out all but the strongest of attacks. In addition, while accessing this state, Goku’s body is fully rejuvenated, and, in the manga, can grow sturdier in areas in response to being attacked, even causing weaker foes to break their limbs trying to hit his body.

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Game Console:

Symbols in the game: a,b,c ( Basic attack skills) x,y,z ( Special attack skills ) ▲,▼,►, ◄ or D (Down),U (Up),F (Forward), B (Backward) ( move key ); S (Start or Power Changer )

mugen anh 1


– Basic attack skills: 

  • a (attack with fists)
  • b (Attack with feet)
  • c (long range attack)

– attack combination

Skill 1:  D, DF, F, aSkill 4: D, DB, B, aSkill 7: D,arecovery 1: a + b
Skill 2:  D, DF, F, bSkill 5: D, DB, B, bSkill 8: D,brecovery 2: b + c
Skill 3:  D, DF, F, cSkill 6: D, DB, B, cSkill 9: D,crecovery 3: a + c

– Ultimate: x, y, z



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