Anime CrossOver V 2.8 Mugen APK

Updated: 13/08/2023OS: Android + APK
Version: 2.0.8Size: 1 G

(Play On Mobile Android)

Anime War Mugen ANH 1
Anime War Mugen ANH 2
Anime War Mugen ANH 3
Naruto x Boruto Ninja Storm Connections Mugen Android 2

Introducing Anime Crossover Mugen 2.8 for Android – the ultimate gaming experience for anime enthusiasts! With an impressive roster of over 400 characters from various anime universes, this crossover fighting game brings your favorite characters to battle it out in epic showdowns. Immerse yourself in the world of anime as iconic characters from different series come together to engage in thrilling combat. Whether you’re a fan of shonen, shojo, mecha, or fantasy anime, this game offers a unique opportunity to create dream matchups and explore imaginative scenarios. Unleash powerful attacks, combine abilities, and strategize to claim victory in this dynamic and diverse gaming universe. Get ready to witness the clash of anime titans in Anime Crossover Mugen 2.8 – where the possibilities are limitless and the excitement knows no bounds!



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