Anime Battle 2.0 – Play Anime Battle 2 player online game offline for free latest version.
Genre: animation game, action game

Anime Battle 2.0 game introduction
The latest version 2021 has been officially released at Surely there is no need to introduce much about this super hot fighting game, right guys. Anime Battle continues to be played with the sides of new players. Those are Suì-Fēng, Byakuya Kuchiki and Rangiku Matsumoto from the Bleach address. Will this war be over? Let’s play Anime Battle game and show your invincible power!

How to play the game Anime Battle
Your task is to defeat all opponents in matches.
Player 1: Use A, D key to switch, S key to defend
J attack key, K jump key, L fast move key
U master key, key I use special technique, support character called key.
Combination: S + J, S + U, S + I, W + U, W + I, W + J
Player 2: Use the Cape name Left, Right to move, Down key for room manual
Tool 1 key, jump key number, 3 jump key
Master number 4 key, key number 5 use special skill, support character 6 key.
Combination: + 1, + 4, + 5, + 1, +4, +5

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