Yusuke Murata Releases Eyeshield 21 Anime Short to Celebrate Manga’s 21st Anniversary

The official Twitter account of manga artist Yusuke Murata (One Punch Man) posted a special 43-second anime short of his and Riichirou Inagaki’s football-themed manga series Eyeshield 21. The release of the short celebrates the manga’s 21st anniversary, in accordance with its title. 

The short features no audio and was directed by Murata himself, with Village Studio handling the animation production. Murata stated that he will post a completed version of the short once details for a special one-shot manga are announced for the anniversary. 

Murata previously directed and animated a 107-second One-Punch Man anime short in September 2021 with Village Studio. He is currently working on the Zaiyuki anime project at the same studio, as well as another original animation project. 

The manga also inspired a 145-episode television anime series from Gallop that aired from April 6, 2005 to March 19, 2008. Sentai Filmworks released the series on home video, while Crunchyroll is streaming the anime series online.

eyeshield 21 manga volume one cover
© Yusuke Murata, Riichirou Inagaki

Murata and Inagaki ran the Eyeshield 21 manga in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from July 23, 2002 to June 15, 2009. Viz Media released all 37 tankobon volumes in North America and describes the story as:

Wimpy Sena Kobayakawa has been running away from bullies all his life. But when the football gear comes on, things change — Sena’s speed and uncanny ability to elude big bullies just might give him what it takes to become a great high school football hero!

Source: Yuusuke Murata’s Official Twitter Account

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