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You Should Be Playing These 7 Mobile Games This Week


Do you like big IPs? How big, you ask? Really big. Big, big, big. The biggest.

Sure, we all do. And happily, there are always mobile games that take advantage of those super popular franchises. If it’s a thing in pop culture, from movies to TV to comics and even music, there’s a chance approaching 100 percent that it’s been turned into a mobile game, and usually more than one.

This is relevant because our list of promising new titles for the week includes a build and battle game that is based on a little show you might have heard mention of called Game of Thrones. It’s been on mobile before, but perhaps not quite in the way you’re about to see it.

Oh, and of course, there are other exciting new games to check out as well, from the follow-up to a popular RPG to indie goodies of various kinds. But admit it, the famous names always pique your curiosity just a bit. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Games of Thrones: Conquest

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One doesn’t capture the Iron Throne alone, or so we’re told. Game of Thrones: Conquest is one of those slap your own forehead ideas because it’s such a no-brainer: a build and battle game where you head up your own great house and ally with other players to aim for dominance in Westeros. You get to interact with well-known characters from the hit TV series too, making it the perfect thing to try out to fill the long days until season finally hits HBO.

Warhammer Quest 2

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The first Warhammer Quest was a delightfully good top-down dungeon crawler set in the iconic Warhammer universe. We’re definitely here for the sequel, which pits four different playable warriors against a full on Chaos invasion. The game promises 25 new enemy types, hundreds of weapons and armors and a 10-part story campaign that sounds like plenty of content. It also looks gorgeous, or as gorgeous as the End Times can appear, we’d imagine.

Campfire Cooking

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Let’s step away from those big name franchises to roast some marshmallows. And other things, apparently, as Campfire Cooking throws 100 different meals at you in the finest puzzle game fashion. There’s more to it than just cooking challenges too, with a family full of characters to meet and learn about and a variety of hiking trails to experience. We’re not really avid campers here at Gamezebo, but this taste of the great outdoors in digital form is right up our alley.

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander

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We enjoy the picture that goes along with this game because it appears to be right on the button with its description. The game gets its name from a derelict space station left behind by a long gone alien race. With other extraterrestrials on the way to Earth, the station could be the source of the planet’s salvation. Now it’s up to you to master the game’s base building, technology research, tactical combat and more, and while the game has already proven popular on PC, the devs are calling the mobile version “massively enhanced.” You’ve got our attention, sirs and madams.

Returner 77

1136x1136bb1 16 1

The first 76 Returner games were so good, you know we had to check out the latest one. We kid, of course. The 77 in the title does not mean this is the 77th game in a long-running series, but rather ties into the narrative as you are the 77th and last survivor to leave Earth during the Crystal War. You have the Wall*E-esque task of returning to Earth to rebuild, but there are some issues to deal with first. If you can solve the puzzles and figure out the alien technology that you encounter, you just might make it. And maybe the human race as well.

Mmm Fingers 2

1136x1136bb1 18 1

In contrast to the game above, the ‘2’ here does indicate a sequel, in this case the follow-up to a Noodlecake title that the studio says was downloaded more than 22 million times. It seems there are even more monsters who would like to munch on your fingers, because that’s kind of what they do. To avoid them, you’ve got to drag your finger around the screen and not hit anything or lift it. Sounds easy, but then you look at all those teeth and think, “Yeah, maybe this is going to be a little trickier than I thought.”

Time Recoil

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As many. many sci-fi shows and movies have taught us, you shouldn’t mess with time … except maybe when you’re doing it to execute super cool slow-motion gunfights, because then it’s totally cool. Just ask John Woo or anyone from The Matrix. Time Recoil promises to push your high end iOS device to the limit with both graphics and gameplay, and you can tackle the action with each other touch controls or an MFi-controller. If you need an all-out action fix, this is the best bet for this week.

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