When will Valorant Mobile be released on Android?

Valorant Mobile still won’t come out of the series of closed alpha tests, where players fall through the floor and “enjoy” the staircase of textures. Anyway, insider Mike pointed out that in March they added a bunch of Valorant Mobile files to one of the beta patches. Because of this, we should expect a beta test of mobile Valorant in the coming months.

Also Mike assures that the developers from Riot Games added recoil control to the training, which obviously will prepare gamers for cyber-competitions. Also recall that in recent months Riot Games sued and won the case against NetEase Games, which forced the latter to close Hyper Front – the spiritual successor of Valorant Mobile.

As for Valorant Mobile’s release date, aside from the beta test in the coming months, even insiders have no information. But we follow the game every day and will publish a post with installation instructions as soon as Riot Games gives the green light.

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