What is the Superimposer Used For in Honkai: Star Rail? – Answered

Challenging the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll notice that you occasionally get items that look very similar to Star Rail Passes. These items are called Herta Bonds and you get them by beating the World Challenges and surpassing enough points to get them as Rewards. Items in Herta’s Store include some pretty basic but good Five-Star Relics, Star Rail Passes, and something called the Super-Imposer. 

What Does the Superimposer Do in Honkai: Star Rail?

The Superimposer in Honkai: Star Rail acts as a Free Light Cone and can be used to Superimpose one of the available Light Cones in Herta’s Shop. This is partially why it’s called the Custom-Made Superimposer since it can only be used on the three Light Cones you see available for purchase with the same Herta Bonds you’d use for the Superimposer. 

While this may seem a little bit limiting, take a closer look at the Light Cones available, there is one for Destruction, Preservation, and the Hunt. These Light cones are meant to be Free-To-Play Light cones for your main cast of characters, the Trailblazer, March 7th, and Dan Heng. Given that the scope of the game can give you any number of randomized items, you aren’t guaranteed to get the best light cones in Warp Banners for your characters. So the game has made Five-Star Light Cones available for those who can put in the heavy grind against the Simulated Universe.

If you’re missing a good Light Cone for your character or just want a bit more punch than their Four-Star is currently delivering, you will have options as a player who doesn’t want to break into their bank or haven’t had luck on the Light Cone Banner. 

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How to Use the Superimposer in Honkai: Star Rail

Herta Shop

There are 12 Superimposers (Custom-Made) that are available in Herta’s Shop, meaning that once you gather enough Herta Bonds, you should be able to buy all of the Light Cones and Superimposers to be able to Superimpose them to the max so that they are at their most powerful. 

How you go about superimposing your Light Cones from Herta’s Shop is the same way you would superimpose any of your other Light Cones. So you’ll either go to your Backpack Icon in the Hot Key Bar on the top right of your screen or head to the Backpack in your Menu. You’ll navigate your way to the Light Cones Tab and find one of the Light Cones from Herta’s shop. Selecting it, you’ll be brought into the menu where you can observe the Light Cone Details, level it up, or superimpose it. You’ll select the option to superimpose and head to the input materials section on the bottom right hand of the screen. Here, you can click the boxes to bring up the available materials that will let you Superimpose. Whether you have one or four, you’ll be able to bring your Superimposers to the Lightcone and increase the stats of the Light Cone once you superimpose it. 

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While it may take some time to finish the Simulated Universe and gather enough Herta Bonds, the available shop here is a great way to get a better-powered Light Cone for one of your characters whether it’s for the main party or another character who matches that Path. For more information about Light Cones, check out our list of all available Light Cones that are currently available in Honkai: Star Rail.

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