We’ve got a sensational list of 6 new mobile games to try this week


It’s March time! And by that we mean the actual month of March, not suggesting you need to get up and physically march anywhere. But if you want to virtually march, you can do it to the app store of your choice for some brand new mobile games.

See what we did there? There’s a pretty nice new crop of titles for iOS and Android this week, and we’ve done out usual due diligence in combing through the lot to see what looks most promising. We settled on six this time around, across a variety of genres and price points, because a new month deserves a nice cross-section of choices.

Evoland 2

They said this game wasn’t going to make it to mobile, but then they changed their minds — and since “they” in this case were the developers, that’s worked out just fine. The first Evoland was a tribute to RPGs across the eras, but this one takes the concept and runs even further with it, saluting different genres along the way. We love its sense of humor too.


Okay, so this one sounds like it should be a Squeenix RPG, but it’s actually a cool-looking side-scrolling brawler. Four different characters to master would be enough reason to take a dive in, but it also offers real-time PvP. How’s that work? We haven’t put it to the test just yet, but we’re anxious to give it a shot. Also, this one’s been in the works a long time, as it was originally announced in 2012.


Speaking of games that have been percolating for a while, we give you the mobile version of Tekken. The venerable fighting game franchise has made appearances on phones and tablets before, but this game is designed from the ground up for mobile with a ton of characters and pure fighting game mechanics with a tinge of CCG thrown in. Will it win over the hearts of the masses? We’ll see.

Part Time UFO

Normally, UFOs just freak out the conspiracy theory crowd. So what do they do when they aren’t scaring people? Plenty, as it turns out. Live the remaining parts of a UFO’s life in this cute but quirky game, using your claw to perform a variety of odd jobs, unlocking outfits for your spaceship and meeting a bunch of interesting characters. Because a UFO’s gotta work too.

Armored Warfare: Assault


Time to get your tank on. Not the kind of characters who soak up damage in RPGSs, but the other kind of tanks. Armored Warfare: Assault pits a selection of military war machines against each other in both 3v3 and 8v8 multiplayer matches. It;s got Unreal Engine 4 visual goodness rendering it all, and it appears to be a must-try for people who just want to blow stuff up for free.

Peak Rider Snowboarding

Talk about a game that’s releasing at just the right time. Now that everyone knows what a switch backside 1080 is again thanks to the recently completed Winter Olympics, you probably have the urge to go try that stuff out yourself. Now stifle that urge before you hurt yourself and just try this game instead. Yeah, the courses in Korea didn’t have obstacles to avoid, nor different characters and outfits to unlock, but our narrative here still works.

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