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Try these 5 new mobile games this week, including Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

If last week was all about big IPs and big franchises making their way back to the app stores, this week is … well, not. That’s okay, though, because we dive into new mobile games no matter what their size or pedigree, and at the very least, we’ve got one big man holding it down among this week’s crop.That would be Shaq, or as it says on his birth certificate, Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq has been the star of the NBA court, TV shows, rap albums, movies (if you can call playing the lead in movies like Kazaam or Steel “starring”), and yes, video games. Now he’s back, and we’re at least morbidly curious to see what he has up his sleeve this time around.

Do younger mobile gamers even know who Shaq is at this point? Anyway, it matters not, because he’s just the headliner among five new mobile games we thing are worth checking out, so let’s get to it.

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

Because sometimes, you just have to take control of Shaq and kick the crap out of some bad guys, you know? You’ll get plenty of chances to do just that as you take control of Shaq and put him against all kinds of demons hellbent (as they generally are) on bringing our world to ruin. Apparently you can even transform Shaq into a giant mech or an equally large cactus if regular Shaq isn’t doing it for you. Admit it, you want to at least check this out.

the Sequence [2]

Be careful when you search for trailers for this game, because you’re going to get results for a certain gross out horror movie mixed in. Happily, there’s nothing disgusting about this follow-up to a popular puzzle game, especially since this one is packing all new game mechanics to put your puzzler to the test. We dig the aesthetic here too.


Plenty of mobile games prove that bigger and more complicated don’t always mean better, and DueLito seems like it will be another prime example. Imagine Wild West gunslinger duels, but instead of who’s faster on the draw, these battles are decided by who’s fastest tapping a sequence of buttons in the right order. It’s so simple we wish we’d thought of it ourselves instead of having to put it in our new mobile games roundup.

Marble Legends: 3D Arcade Game

We almost thought this said MARVEL Legends at first and got all excited, thinking it was a new game featuring superheroes and whatnot. Nevertheless, this still looks pretty cool, taking the steadfast, old school game of marbles and putting a decidedly 21st century spin on it. Uh, no pun intended, we guess. Seriously, though, if anything can make today’s youth take a look at marbles, this might be it.

Kung Fu Z

Because why should Shaq have all the fun, besides the fact that he’s much bigger than you and could simply step on you or swat you away like a gnat if he so chose? Tiny Titan Studios combines two of everyone’s favorite things, martial arts and zombies, into what looks like one undead butt-kicking good time. The devs are calling it classic arcade action with an idle twist, and if that doesn’t sound perfect for mobile, we don’t know what does.

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