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Try these 4 mobile games if you’re looking for something new this week


Guess what? For the first time in since January, there are no new Final Fantasy titles among the latest crop of new mobile games on iOS and Android. At least, not that we’re aware of, as we’ll fully admit that a new one could pop up at any time.

Yes, any time. Be afraid!

Ahem. This also isn’t the most robust group of new mobile games, but there are a few that are either already earning raves or just simply look interesting enough for us to point them out to you, as we like to do about this time every Thursday. If you’ve got an itch for something new to play on your phone or tablet, here are four ways you just might be able to scratch it.

Death Squared

We definitely appreciate games that don’t take themselves too seriously, and despite its ominous name, this one belongs in that category. It’s a puzzle game, sure, but one with some pretty unique production values, like an honest to goodness voice-acted narrative. Playable either solo or co-op, it looks likely to test your puzzler, which is absolutely a real part of your brain because The Grinch says it is.


One phrase that can grab people’s attention right off the bat is “from the award-winning lead designer of Monument Valley.” See? You’re already perking up your ears. Florence is something different, an “interactive storybook” with an undeniably unique visual style and a unique way of presenting the challenges with relationships we’ve all experienced. It’s reportedly not the longest game ever, but it’s definitely intriguing.

Purrfect Date

There’s a decent chance you’re going to see a game described as a cat dating simulator and go running away, calling us weirdos. But hear us out for a sec. Purrfect Date comes to us from Bossa Studios of I am Bread and Surgeon Simulator fame. It’s been out on Steam for a few months and been very positively received. And it’s not just a cat dating simulator, so maybe we’re not quite as strange as you think. Maybe. Also dig the song in this trailer, because it’s super boss.

Nitro Racing GO

Because we wanted to get at least one free game on this week’s list and didn’t want to leave our Android-user friends out in the cold, we present this “idle racing clicker simulator.” How can those words possibly go together? We aren’t 100 percent sure, but admit it: you kind of want to find out. Nitro Racing GO promises numerous cars to collect, dozens of upgrades and special cards to boost your rides through very illegal traffic-dodging races. the visuals look good too.

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