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Try out these 5 great new mobile games this week


We’re so, so close to spring. Like really close, just weeks away. And yet winter still has its claws in some of us in some places, which is why it’s still mobile games weather.

Yep, that’s right. When things aren’t so great outside, there’s nothing like curling up with a good new game for your phone or tablet. What, you thought we were going to say a book? Those are good too, but we’re more specialists in things that can be played on a touchscreen.

With another good crop of new titles in the app stores this week, there should be something that can help you fight off the last vestiges of winter. Let’s start with a brand new iteration of a long-running video game franchise designed specifically for mobile.

The Sims Mobile


It would be hard to imagine that there are many people who haven’t tired a Sims game of some type at some point. Living artificial lives has proven endlessly fascinating, and that should prove the case on mobile too. The focus here is on stories that each Sim can explore in both work and personal lives, while also allowing you to customize your home and clothes as you see fit. A strong social element? Of course, it’t got that too.

Read Only Memories: Type-M

A while back, long enough ago that Ouya was still a thing, this “cyberpunk thriller” was crowdfunded and brought to life for a handful of platforms. It’s finally made its way to mobile, so you can enjoy its retro-90s gaming stylings on your iOS or Android device of choice. Can a machine and a human uncover the secrets of Neo-San Francisco? You can try the first chapter for free to find out.

Farm On!


We have a long-running theory here at Gamezebo that it’s impossible to fully satisfy the overwhelming love that casual gamers have for farming. It’s been a staple of mobile gaming as long as that’s been a thing, and there’s always room for one more entry to the genre. Farm On lets you harvest crops, raise animals, and much more, all with just one hand. Seems like that might catch on.

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

Hey, this game fits in pretty nicely with our theme of bad weather. Except in The Bonfire, not only is there snow to worry about, but also monsters that prey at night. Thus, it behooves you to master building up a settlement, crafting and researching new technologies so your villagers can survive and fight back. Plus, you’ve got to love the visual style this game brings to the table. Looks like style and substance meet up nicely here.

Heir of Light

Some games, even those in pretty crowded genres like strategy RPGs, grab our attention with their production values alone. Heir of Light is a gorgeous looking newcomer from Gamevil, one with cool character designs, enormous bosses and dynamic animations with oversized weapons. Those are a few of our favorite things, with all due respect to The Sound of Music. Does it play as good as it looks? We’re willing to find out.

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