Top 10 Most Thrilling Battle Royale Anime Shows

Top 10 Most Thrilling Battle Royale Anime Shows

Battle royale anime

Battle royale in ancient times were a common practice but in the modern world, this intriguing aspect of the highly intense “fight to death” games has been traversed into the fantasy stories, becoming a thrilling and popular subgenre within the world of anime.

Whether it’s the battle for a coveted prize, survival in a deadly game, or facing supernatural forces, these series are filled with high-stakes conflict and strategic maneuvers. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best battle royale anime series. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

10. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland - Best Battle Royale Anime

Amongst the battle royale anime genre, Deadman Wonderland offers quite a unique setting where vicious criminals or inmates are locked in prison to compete in life-threatening games in exchange for privileges in order to provide entertainment for the masses.

The story begins with Ganta Igarashi, a middle school student who is framed for the murder of his schoolmates and is sent to a privately owned prison. Shortly after, he’s thrust into a deadly game and the only way out of it for Ganta is to survive and clear his name.

9. Darwin’s Game

Darwin's Game - Best Battle Royale Anime

Playing survival games virtually can be fun but what if you become a part of it?! Darwin’s Game tries to answer this question through its MMORPG world where Kaname Sudou finds himself stuck in an actual life-and-death game after accepting an online invitation for the “Darwin’s Game”.

Upon entering the game, Kaname meets other players and comes to realize that to pull through this online world one must defend themselves from the in-game Greed monsters. Being trapped, Kaname strives to break the system and use his skill to take on the game itself.

8. Basilisk

Basilisk - Best Battle Royale Anime

Basilisk is a top-tier historical manga and anime franchise that’s known for its martial arts elements, particularly the ninja culture. Set in 16th-century Japan, the story focuses on the rivalry between two ninja clans, Iga and Kouga as they’re dragged into another bitter war to determine the next shogunate.

However, the feud doesn’t stop the heirs of their respective clans, Gennosuke Kouga and Oboro Iga from falling in love. Torn between their love for each other and duty to their clans, the pair must ultimately decide the fate of their clans in an action-packed romantic saga.

7. Tower Of God

Tower of God - Best Battle Royale Anime

Originally originated as a South Korean anime, Tower of God is a prolific webtoon turned anime series that’s heavily praised for its wide aspects of fantasy elements including rich world-building, character exploration, fight build-up, and a story featuring several battle royale scenarios.

The series is about a young boy Bam who follows his only friend Rachel to a mysterious Tower. Legends say that if you manage to climb to the top of the tower, any wish will be granted. Aided by other individuals on different floors, Bam decides to go any distance to see Rachel again even if it means dying!

6. World Trigger

World Trigger - Best Battle Royale Anime

World Trigger is a futuristic societal anime by Toei Animation that embraces certain fantasy and isekai customs to fill in a particularly inventive battle royale story. Taking place in modern-day Japan, the series highlights an unspeakable alien invasion after a mysterious gateway to an unknown realm opens up.

In response to their arrival, an organization called the Border Defense Agency was established to combat these creatures through special weapons called “Triggers”, turning Earth into a playground for modern warfare. Despite its shortcomings, World Trigger makes up for a great battle royale anime.

5. Future Diary

Future Diary - Best Battle Royale Anime

Future Diary is a mix of action and dark elements which makes it a good battle royale anime to watch. The story centers around Yukiteru Amano, a shy and withdrawn high school student whose life suddenly changes when one day he’s bestowed upon a “random diary”, granting him the ability to foresee the future.

Soon, Yukiteru comes to realize that he’s one of twelve other diary owners who have been chosen to participate in a deadly contest and that the last person standing will become the new god of time and space. Future Diary does a fantastic job of incorporating the “battle royale” atmosphere and creating the perfect yandere.

4. Blue Lock

Blue Lock - Best Battle Royale Anime

Blue Lock is one of the best soccer anime to be released in recent years. The story walks us through the life of protagonist Isagi Yoichi who aims to become the greatest striker Japan has ever produced. However, he fails to shine in his school football team after a heartbreaking defeat in a local match.

Then one day, Isagi and 299 other strikers from all over Japan are invited to a confidential football project whose sole purpose is to create the best striker in the world. The battle royale anime approach in sports titles hasn’t been seen before which is why Blue Lock’s fresh take on the genre makes it more interesting.

3. Btooom!

Btooom - Best Battle Royale Anime

All aspects of a battle royale anime seem to come to life in Btooom! as it advances through its transferred to game world anime trope. The series begins with pro gamer Ryouta Sakamoto, one of the world’s top players in the titular video game, who wakes up on a deserted island with a setting similar to that of his favorite game.

Ryouta soon realizes that he is one of several people who have been forced to participate in a real-life version of Btooom! In a place where life and death are at stake at each turn, the only way to escape is to kill fellow participants on the island by using a bag full of specialized bombs called BIMs.

2. Danganronpa

Danganronpa - Best Battle Royale Anime

Based on a popular visual novel game, Danganronpa is less of a battle royale anime and more of a court trial primarily seen through the eyes of a bunch of apparent high school students who are trapped inside their school by a mysterious being in the shape of a bear.

The only way out is to take part in a weirdly odd game in which the students are tasked to murder one of their classmates without being caught during the class trials. Danganronpa is filled with eccentric characters that make the series a winding road of chaos and betrayal.

1. Hell’s Paradise

Hell's Paradise - Best Battle Royale Anime

Hell’s Paradise is a horror-fantasy adventure series set in the Edo period of Japan. Produced by Studio Mappa and acclaimed as one of the best modern shonen ninja anime of the new generation, the series stars an elite shinobi assassin named Gabimaru the Hollow.

Being captured during a mission, Gabimaru is sentenced to death but the Shogunate decides to send him and a slew of other notorious criminals to retrieve the “elixir of life” on a secluded island. What follows is a bloody battle royale between the participants for the sake of their freedom and survival.

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