Top 10 Most Skilled Anime Chefs Who Can Cook Delicious Dishes

Top 10 Most Skilled Anime Chefs Who Can Cook Delicious Dishes

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Culinary skills are not easy to develop as it takes years of training and multiple failed dishes to be finally able to create a delicacy that can please everyone’s palate. In the culinary world of anime, many anime chefs fall into this category due to their artistry, creativity, and passion that go into crafting extraordinary dishes.

From mouthwatering dishes to intense cooking battles, they often bring their own unique flair and passion to the screen through their heartwarming meals. In this article, we’ll celebrate the best anime chefs who have delighted our senses and inspired our culinary aspirations. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

10. Brock – Pokémon

Brock - Most Skilled Anime Chefs

Brock’s flirtatious nature isn’t hidden from the Pokémon fandom, but there’s more to his good husband portfolio other than his charming personality around beautiful girls. Originally, Brock wanted to be the best Pokémon Breeder as he had great cooking skills to back up his dream.

Being the only one out of the main trio who knows how to cook, Brock takes his culinary job seriously and is well experienced in it. Not only can he cook delicious food for people, but he also has expertise in making Pokémon food. To top it off, Brock is also good at fishing, sewing, and cleaning.

9. Rin Okumura – Blue Exorcist

Rin Okumura - Most Skilled Anime Chefs

Rin Okumura is one of the hottest anime guys who happens to be a powerful Exorcist as well. Despite his hellish origin, Rin strives to be compassionate and supportive of his friends for which he doesn’t shy away from displaying his phenomenal skills as one of the top anime chefs.

As stated by Rin’s adoptive father, cooking is Rin’s specialty and he takes it seriously to the point that he finishes every step of each recipe on a technically perfect level. Rin once even tried to search around for a restaurant job to execute his talent, but now he enjoys cooking only in his downtime.

8. Bols – Akame ga Kill

Bols - Most Skilled Anime Chefs

One of the members of the Jaegers faction, Bols keeps his face hidden behind a gruesome mask and often talks barely, but deep down he’s a very kind and caring person. Even though Bols lived a grizzly past life as a member of the Incineration Squad, he’s a family man at heart and is in fact a very skillful cook.

During his time in the Empire, Bols often made meals for his team members and Captain Esdeath. Almost everyone appreciated his talent as a cook and Esdeath even convinced him to eat together with everyone as no one would mind his unmasked appearance.

7. Sebastian Michaelis – Black Butler

Sebastian Michaelis - Most Skilled Anime Chefs

Phantomhive household is privileged to have one of the most powerful butlers in anime who also shows complete devotion in cooking food for his master. Aside from being a caretaker, Sebastian prepares meals for Ciel with extra care and uses only the finest ingredients in order to preserve the immaculate taste in his cooking.

At first, Sebastian’s cooking methods were very questionable, but later he worked on his skills to the point where his meals began to turn out remarkable and delicious. Ultimately, Sebastian became one of the splendid anime chefs through strenuous training and utter dedication.

6. Kirio Hikifune – Bleach

Kirio Hifikune - Most Skilled Anime Chefs

Kirio Hikifune makes her first appearance in the “Thousand-Year Blood War” story arc where she’s introduced as a former captain of the 12th Division and a member of the Royal Guard. She’s different from the rest of the Soul Reapers in the sense that she uses her culinary skills to give form to life.

Hikifune is a master chef of the highest caliber and the food she cooks can massively increase a soul’s physical and spiritual power. The use of her gargantuan spoon-shaped Zanpakuto and all the Reiatsu from her body allows Hifikune to prepare astonishing meals that can be mouth-watering for anyone.

5. Kazuma Azuma – Yakitate!! Japan

Kazuma Azuma - Most Skilled Anime Chefs

In an interesting premise set around a bakery, Kazuma Azuma’s presence works like a charm as he dedicates his entire career simply to developing an ultimate signature bread for his nation. The good part is – he’s really passionate about breadmaking and possesses the innate talent to be called one of the best anime chefs.

While Kazuma sharpens his skills by baking various types of bread, he also gives attention to increasing his knowledge about the basics of baking. He’s a born fighter and never gives up on his goal so that one day he creates such a perfect bread that has the power to send its eaters straight to Heaven.

4. Antonio Trussardi – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Antonio Trussardi - Most Skilled Anime Chefs

Antonio “Tonio” Trussardi plays a minor role in the “Diamond is Unbreakable” part but it’s worth it to enlist him in the best anime chefs directory. He’s a professional cook of Italian origins who traveled all over the world to do extensive study on different types of cuisines.

During his travels, he developed his Stand Pearl Jam which allowed him to enhance his dishes by infusing them with healing potency. Antonio feels extremely proud and confident in the skills he accumulated over the years and uses them to his utmost potential to create the most delicious dish possible.

3. Komatsu – Toriko

Komatsu - Most Skilled Anime Chefs

The greatest gourmet hunter in the world, Toriko can rely on Five-Star Chef Komatsu who easily turns those ingredients into actual gourmet meals. Komatsu was considered to be a decent chef with little to no recognition but after adventuring with Toriko his true abilities as star chef blossomed.

Komatsu’s special ability to hear the “voice” of ingredients helped him to steadily increase his culinary skills, allowing him to improve greatly on existing recipes. His name is also enlisted in the top 100 prestigious IGO Chef Ranking, thus being recognized as one of the best anime chefs.

2. Vinsmoke Sanji – One Piece

Vinsmoke Sanji - Most Skilled Anime Chefs

Sanji is the only one in One Piece whose whole fighting style is based on the movement of his legs. The reason – because he values his hands and wishes to use them only to cook delicacies for his crew members. He certainly is a big simp and comes off as too desperate, but he doesn’t let it comprehend his ability to cook the best dishes.

At a very young age, Sanji started his journey of being a chef but being neglected by one of the worst anime dads he never was able to hone his skills until he was raised by the head chef of Baratie. Sanji proves that he not only can literally cook any imaginable dish but also values food more than almost anything else.

1. Souma Yukihira – Food Wars

Souma Yukihira - Most Skilled Anime Chefs

Being a student at one of the first-rate and harshest schools in anime, Souma Yukihira boasts an extraordinary culinary skillset. He’s a self-taught talented chef who keeps taking on difficult challenges to both clash and learn from the best to become his father’s successor.

Throughout the series, Souma has shown immense levels of creativity, taking inspiration from the most unexpected places to make his dishes. With his original cooking style, he makes dishes so simple yet so extravagant that even the critics can’t help themselves to savor it to the fullest.

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