Top 10 Best Moments From the Attack on Titan Series Finale

Top 10 Best Moments From the Attack on Titan Series Finale

Attack on Titan final episode moments

Ten years, four seasons, 87 episodes, and two compilation specials – it has been a monumental run for the “Attack on Titan” anime series in the past decade. Over the years, it became such a global phenomenon that it traversed the boundaries of fantasy creating a timeless impact on the audience. And now, with the conclusion of the final season, the anime has bid adieu, leaving fans with a multitude of unforgettable moments.

It’s hard to say goodbye to this modern masterpiece, but sadly every good thing comes to an end. Attack on Titan ending will certainly be remembered for ages to come as it marks the end of a generation-defining era. In this article, we’ll take a look back at some of the best moments from the series finale and celebrate the conclusion of this epic saga. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

10. Battle Against Former Titans

Battle against Former Titans - 10 Best Moments From Attack On Titan Final Episode

After the Survey Corps manages to safely land on the Founding Titan’s back, everyone prepares to either convince Eren to change his mind or in the worst-case scenario annihilate him. But before the negotiation is even attempted or Eren’s body is found in the one-metre-long carcass, their plan is interrupted by Ymir.

First, Armin is kidnapped from the scene by an unknown Titan, and second, all the former Titan shifters through the ages are resurrected by Ymir’s will. This is the moment where the battle takes a thrilling turn as for the first time, Levi and his team are overwhelmed by the countless mystical Titans.

9. Ackermans Show

Ackermans Show - 10 Best Moments From Attack On Titan Final Episode

History has been evident that Ackermans has always created chaos on the battlefield, and it was a repeat in the “Battle of Heaven and Earth” as well. With the exit of Armin from the scene quite early, it all came down to the two strongest soldiers of humanity – Levi and Mikasa – to turn the tides in their favor.

While Mikasa demonstrated her raw strength and finest blade skills by cutting down several Titans, Levi stood up tall despite multiple bruises and a handicapped body. The Ackermans made sure to keep everyone safe around them while counterattacking. All in all, it was a spectacle to watch them move around with such grace.

8. A Long Dream

A Long Dream - 10 Best Moments From Attack On Titan Final Episode

In Attack on Titan final episode, the second part is titled “A Long Dream” and it happens to be a crucial scene where Armin finally gets back to his senses and finds himself in the Path. There he meets Zeke who breaks the ice for him by reciting the dawn of Eldian history and the “origin of life” that led to the rise of Titans.

The notable thing about this scene was the complete background silence that beautifully transcribed Zeke’s dying hope of a good future and futile resistance towards Eren’s genocidal plan. However, the later conversation he has with Armin not only changes his mind but also the direction of the battle.

7. Colossal Versus Attack Titan

Colossal versus Attack Titan - 10 Best Moments From Attack On Titan Final Episode

The cinematic battle of the two tallest Titans, Colossal and Attack, doesn’t last long but the image of the whole scenario lives rent-free in everyone’s head. Armin’s transformation into the Colossal Titan and then his attempt to destroy Eren’s Founding Titan’s body – the sequential chain of events is just spectacular.

Certainly, there isn’t much to talk about how the clash went down and frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter as well, but the visuals coming out of it is something that can’t be ignored. Credit goes to Studio Mappa for making the Colossal versus Attack Titan fight even more breathtaking and magnificent than it already was.

6. Mikasa’s Farewell

Mikasa's Farewell - 10 Best Moments From Attack On Titan Final Episode

One of the most emotional parts of the series finale was the cabin scene where Mikasa imagines meeting Eren in the Path. In a peaceful environment, they are seen sharing good company which then ends with Eren hugging Mikasa and telling her to forget him after his demise and live a purposeful life.

This poignant representation of their unrequited love then culminates at the tear-jerking point where Mikasa is unwillingly forced to decapitate Eren’s head to free him from Ymir’s control and stop the rampage. She bids Eren farewell with a goodbye kiss, with her last words to him being – “See you later, Eren”.

5. Memories Of Eren

Memories of Eren - 10 Best Moments From Attack On Titan Final Episode

Amidst the ongoing battle on the surface, Attack on Titan’s final episode takes a memory back in the lane showing Eren’s conversation with his childhood friend Armin. Eren explains everything he knows and whatever atrocities he did to ensure that no one would attack Paradis anymore.

It’s here Eren admits to wiping out 80% of the world population and reveals founder Ymir’s plan of selecting Mikasa who could free her from the pain of love. In the same instance, he also confesses his feelings for Mikasa and straightforwardly shows his desperation to be with her no matter what.

4. Restoration Of Transformed Titans

Restoration of Transformed Titans - 10 Best Moments From Attack On Titan Final Episode

There can be many differences between the opinions of manga and anime fans of the series, but everyone will agree on this point that it was a spine-chilling moment when Isayama decided to turn the Eldian warriors and people of Marley into Titans a few moments after the rumbling stopped and the war was almost over.

For a moment, the heart of the fans was in the mouth cause of the leakage of vaporized gas from Zeke’s spinal fluid. Everyone around quickly (except a few) transformed into pure Titans, turning the scenery into a horrific site. Thanks to Eren’s sacrifice, Ymir’s curse was lifted, restoring everyone to human beings.

3. Ymir’s Past

Ymir's Past - 10 Best Moments From Attack On Titan Final Episode

Throughout the anime finale, bits of Ymir’s tragic past are scattered here and there. Nonetheless, it had a significant impact every single time as it sums up the gist of the series by showcasing how the powers of the Titans continued to exist for 2000 years because of Fritz’s exploitative orders and Ymir’s inability to reject them.

It comes to light that Ymir was so much in love with Fritz, that she could not disobey him despite having godlike powers. Ymir needed a trigger to relinquish the power of the Titans freeing the world from its curse and Mikasa gave it to her by taking the life of the person she loved more than anyone in front of her.

2. The Final Opening Theme Song

The Final Opening Theme Song - 10 Best Moments From Attack On Titan Final Episode

A band synonymous with the series itself, Linked Horizon returned to perform the opening theme song of the 85-minute finale episode. As always, Revo tuned in with his epic and orchestral sound to ignite the flames of freedom in the hearts of fans with the new feature song titled “Saigo no Kyojin/The Last Titan”.

Linked Horizon’s previously recorded songs, particularly “Guren no Yumiya” and “Shinzo wo Sasageyo” have a special place in every Attack on Titan fan’s heart. Revo’s lyrics and music align well with the themes of the series hence, it was a grandiose moment to hear the band for one last time that has resonated with fans for years.

1. Aftermath Of War

Aftermath of War - 10 Best Moments From Attack On Titan Final Episode

The story takes a three-year leap after the “Battle of Heaven and Earth” which sees Paradis Island strengthening its military forces to stand strong against the forces on the other side of the ocean. Reiner, Armin, Pieck, Jean, and others come out as the ambassadors of peace for stopping Eren.

There can’t be a greater feeling than seeing the war heroes for one last time and the slideshow of Eren’s burial site at the end made it more heartwarming. Mikasa sitting beside the grave and then a bird (embodying Eren) wrapping the scarf around her neck, it just perfectly sums up the end of an era-defining series.

Which was your favorite part from the Attack on Titan final episode? Feel free to comment down your thoughts and make sure to check out the series finale if you haven’t yet, also don’t forget to share this article with your fellow otaku friends.

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