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This Weeks 6 Mobile Games You Need on Your Phone


The New York Comic Con kicks off today, and this week’s new games kind of feel like they’re coming straight from the show floor. There’s a little something from you favorite Netflix show, a little something starring a man dressed like a bat — it’s the kind of week that’s absolutely dancing with geek cred.

Did we miss your favorite release this week? Be sure to let us know!

Stranger Things: The Game

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From the moment Strangers Things first aired, fans have been whipping up 80’s quality homages to the series — so I suppose it was only a matter of time until we’d see a top-down pixelated adventure like this with the official Netflix seal of approval. Stranger Things: The Game has a Zelda-meets-The-Upside-Down thing going on, making it a perfect fit for the show’s fans who grew up in the same era as Will Byers and friends.


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Did somebody say mobile MOBA? Square Enix’s latest release dives into this popular genre, promising a huge assortment of characters and 10 minute battles. We’ve seen some pretty great MOBA’s on mobile (Vainglory, Call of Champions), and a lot of flops. We’re looking forward to finding out which camp FLAME vsBLAZE falls into.

Batman: The Enemy Within

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Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na BATMAN! The second Telltale series focused on the Caped Crusader kicks off on mobile this week with a free episode and an encounter with The Riddler. Telltale are still the kings of story-based gaming, so if you’re a bat-fan, what have you got to lose?


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A little bit skatepark, a little bit Rocket League, REKT is flying up the charts this week because people love doing stuff with cars in video games that they probably shouldn’t do with the Dodge Neon they have parked out front.

Goon Squad

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Let’s face facts: Clash Royale is pretty great, and for a while, everyone tried to put their own spin on it. Goon Squad is no exception. The latest game from Atari offers a familiar approach to multiplayer gaming, but does so with a slathering of Capone-era gangster shenanigans. If you’d ever wished Clash Royale was more like The Godfather, this is probably the game for you.

June’s Journey

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Hidden object gamers, pay attention: June’s Journey is the latest mobile HOG from Wooga, the company who brought you previous hits like Pearl’s Peril and Agent Alice. This time you can step into a world of Gatsbyesque extravagance — try not to have sticky fingers with all of those fancy objects you’ll find.

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