Solo Leveling Chapter 149


Since the last chapter aired, everyone, is eagerly waiting for Solo Leveling Chapter 149. It will focus on Sung Jin-Woo’s first fight in America. The manhua has grabbed the attention of many and is currently ruling in the industry. 

The webtoon has some serious skyrocketing sales with so many viewers. All due to the amazing plot and the character of our main protagonist, Sung Jin-Woo. The main protagonist has set its own fan base from around the world. In this article let’s take dive into everything you need to know about Solo Leveling 149 including raw scans, spoilers, English release dates, and spoilers.

Previously everyone thought Sung Jin-Woo to assassinated Chris Reid, another nation rank hunter. Since his last fight with Thomas. But the assassination of Thomas is by a Korean who has an aura of a monster.


Solo Leveling Chapter 149:

Sung Jin-Woo mentioned if the killer is its father. He will protect his family but if it’s a real monster then he will kill him himself. Previously his father has proved his strength when he faced Ma Dong Wook.

Solo Leveling Chapter 149 Release Date:

The upcoming chapter of Solo Leveling chapter 149 release date is April 28th, 2021. A new chapter of Solo Leveling is expected to come every Wednesday of the week. The chapter first comes out in Korean. But there is nothing to worry of our English readers. The manhwa is in great demand. Therefore, its english translation will be available within the same day.


Where to read Solo Leveling Chapter 149?

Solo Leveling is officially available in Kakaopage. You will also get the English translations soon after the Korean version.





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