Seven Seas Entertainment Licenses ENNEAD Boys’ Love Webtoon Series in Two Editions

Seven Seas Entertainment has announced the license acquisition of the webtoon series ENNEAD by Mojito. The Boys’ Love manhwa series is inspired by ancient Egyptian mythology and will be printed in full-color. 

ENNEAD is a dramatic fantasy epic that reimagines one of the oldest myths in human civilization. Already available in multiple languages around the world, this will be the first time the series will be printed in English as full-color oversized editions. 

The webtoon series was first launched by Mojito on September 20, 2018 for a total of 74 chapters. Its “first season” concluded in 2020 and a “second season” began soon after. It is published by Naver Webtoon and is available on platforms like Tappytoon. 

ENNEAD webtoon manhwa volume one cover
ⓒ Mojito / SMC

Seven Seas will release two versions of the series, which were originally drawn for different audiences: a paperback version aimed at older teens and a deluxe hardcover version for mature audiences. Each version is standalone and may contain alternate depictions of some adult material.

The first paperback volume of ENNEAD will be released for the first time in English print in November 2023. The large-trim editions have approximately 300-350 pages each and preorders are now available. 

The first hardcover volume of ENNEAD will be released in print in November 2023. The series will be available in large-trim editions of approximately 300-350 pages each. Preorders are now open for the volume. 

Seven Seas describes the synopsis of ENNEAD as: 

Nine powerful gods of ancient Egypt are known as the Ennead. When the god of war, Seth, kills his brother Osiris to take over Egypt, he ushers in an era of chaos and cruelty under his rule. The other gods are unable to fight Seth’s power until centuries later, when a new challenger appears: Horus, the child of Isis. Horus is not yet even a full god, but he’s backed by other deities to dethrone Seth and bring an end to the many years of bloodshed. The conflict between Seth and Horus that begins as a series of trials warps into a complex web of deceit, obsession…and even desire.

Source: press release

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