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One-Punch Man Vs. God: Inside the Best

In an effort to save the universe, Saitama punches God in the face in the non-canonical One-Punch Man: The Fight of Gods, a fan-made comic based on the popular anime, manga and webcomic. Created by the Hong Kong-based artist and author Cminglap, The Fight of Gods follows Saitama and the anime’s cast in a ferocious battle with a being known as God, ultimately leading to a one-on-one, somewhat-blasphemous intergalactic showdown.

Six parts of the comic have been translated into English by diligent fans. They are available to read online, while several YouTube videos contain the story and commentary as well. The big question, however, is did Saitama beat God in this epic battle?

Saitama Meets God In The Fight of the Gods Fan Manga

The Fight of Gods begins with a foreboding introduction, followed by Saitama’s interest falling squarely on video games. It’s noted that Genos has undergone a series of upgrades and repairs by Dr. Kuseno, while Garou, frustrated by his loss to Saitama during “The Monster Association War” arc, trains with Bang to further develop his skills. As Saitama and the doting Genos wrestle with a new RPG, Garou confronts the consistently bored hero, challenging him to yet another fight. The battle is interrupted when an explosion distracts the trio who, together, investigate. At the scene of the explosion, an original character named Cheetah Girl appears.

Cheetah Girl comes from Planet Lieba, also known as the Hunting Planet. The cat-warrior and her peers try and fail in a battle against God, an enormous, powerful entity with rough, zombie-like skin. “God” has appeared in the webcomic and manga, but only in glimpses, giving Homeless Emperor his powers. Cheetah Girl explains to the gang that God is a being from the “multi-verse” with the ability to traverse black holes. There are more than one God, according to Cheetah Girl, but they all have one thing in common: warped, dangerous minds due to exposure to black hole radiation.

Saitama assures Cheetah Girl that God will be no problem, due to his incredible strength. Their meeting is cut short when God appears, turning the night sky to daylight. As luck would have it, Cheetah Girl has a “dimensional stone” that permits her to transport them all to where God has touched down.

God Emulates Thanos In The Fight of the Gods

What ensues is a rather lopsided, brutal battle. Garou attacks first with a “Flowing Water Smashing Rock Fist,” missing entirely. Genos whips out the Incineration Canon at max power, blasting the creator, but is stunned when God shows no signs of having been affected and watches in horror as Saitama is slapped into a mountainside before being blown to bits himself.

Sensing Garou’s desire for ultimate power, God attempts to lure him to his side by offering him exactly that. He alludes to other villains who have taken his power only to fail, insisting that Garou is different and could overcome. “I ain’t interested,” Garou says, turning down God’s offer. That of course angers God, who smashes Garou and the attacking Cheetah Girl.

Saitama pulls himself out of the mountainside and is horrified when he realizes that he forgot to save his level 80 character in his RPG. Enraged, he attacks God with a barrage of his Killer Move: “Serious Series” techniques. That includes a “Serious Punch” that damages the surface of the Earth. Righteously annoyed, God punches Saitama toward the center of the Earth before taking a page from Thanos, turning the world’s organic matter in to dust particles. This includes basically every major One Punch Man character, a montage showcasing everyone from Fubuki to Puri Puri Prisoner disintegrating.

Saitama Punches God Into Space

One Punch Man Fan Manga Saitama Punching God Into Space

As Part 3 rolls around, Cminglap’s artwork becomes noticeably more intricate. As Garou and Cheetah Girl continue their futile attack, Saitama returns and strikes God hard enough to create a worldwide earthquake before launching him into space, and toward another planet. There, God dons armor for his continued battle with Saitama, whom he deems a serious threat, questioning how a three-dimensional creature could have such power.

Saitama finds Cheetah Girl’s dimensional stone and pockets it before being whisked away, summoned by God’s power of fourth-dimensional transportation. Upon arrival, Saitama utilizes a “Serious Uppercut” to deflect God’s mighty fist. Back on Earth, Genos awakens in pieces to find that a giant robot piloted by Dr. Kuseno has arrived. He explains that he can’t find any trace of human nor animal remaining on the planet, although Cheetah Girl and Garou remain for some reason.

Saitama Beats God and Destroys the Universe

Saitama Vs God Fan Manga

In Part 6, Saitama is slipped into the fourth-dimension, where time flows backward. His hair returns and he becomes the young man he was pre-boredom. This plane of existence formulates in a strange way that Saitama recalls is reminiscent to learning how to play Tetris with King. With that in mind, he determines the fourth dimension operates in the same manner. Saitama wrecks God’s home and exceeds the speed of light, breaking through time and space, escaping back into his own reality.

With his patented quickness, Saitama delivers increasingly powerful blows to the all-mighty being before declaring, “It’s over.” After taking a break due to burnout, Cminglap returned with the seventh and final installment of the epic battle between Saitama and God. God claims that he can’t be destroyed, but with a single, epic punch, Saitama destroys him and the universe, which begs the question: Where will One Punch Man go now that there’s nothing left?


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