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One Punch Man Chapter 146 Release Date – Will Saitama Arrive Soon?

What’s up guys, One punch man keeps getting better with unexpected twists and turns in every chapter. The previous chapters were impeccably amazing with the side heroes getting recognition. But the last chapter was something else, we saw Genos and Silver Fang arrive as a backup to save Tank Top Master and Tatsumaki. Enraged by their condition and feeling miserably frustrated, Silver Fang warns Fuherer that he has the perfect counter for any attack and later completely dominates the fight. Bang had actually proven himself once again to be worthy of a Hero. This article will inform you on – One Punch Man Chapter 146 Release Date – Will Saitama Arrive Soon?


One Punch Man Chapter 146

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One Punch Man is as exciting as it gets. A few chapters back we saw Blast make an appearance and speak to Saitama himself. Just imagine 2 of the most powerful creatures in the world talk to each other without even knowing it. Given the current scenario on the surface, Saitama might make an entrance as he is desperately needed. Most of the S class heroes are at their limit with little to no backup. Few speculations suggest that Saitama will make an appearance and make a badass come back to show the villains who’s the boss.

Is OPM Chapter 146 On A Delay?

One Punch Man has a very confusing release date schedule as Murata sensei often makes many variations and modifications to his chapters. When we look back at the release date pattern, you will notice the number of irregularities present in between each of those releases. As of now, we haven’t been informed of any delay pertaining to the release date of OPM Chapter 146. So it might be safe to say that we will be witnessing another chapter release soon this month.


One Punch Man Chapter 146 Release Date

One Punch Man Chapter 146 will probably release on May 20th, 2021. This is a projected release date based on the previous release date patterns. But since this is a projected release date, it may be subject to changes and delays. Make sure to stick with us to find out more about OPM manga. If you’d like to know more about the latest manga and anime news/updates, then we highly recommend visiting Spoilerguy.com.

Read One Punch Man Chapter 146 Online Free!

one punch man chapter 146

You can read all the chapters of One Punch Man including One Punch Man Chapter 146 on  Viz Media. Currently, there is a delay in the release of the latest chapters of the OPM manga. But rest assured, fans can get to read their latest chapters for free in a manner that supports the author and his team. We highly condemn the usage of unofficial websites to read the manga as it doesn’t support the creators of your favorite manga who work day and night to create them.

About Manga

In 2019, One Punch Man had sold 20 million copies of its manga illustration making it one of the most popular animes ever. One punch Man revolves around the main protagonist called Saitama. The anime takes place in an era where monsters appear from the underworld and plan on taking over the surface.

Heroes stand up against these monsters in order to protect their city, Saitama is an infamous hero who has his own ideology of being a hero. He becomes a hero for the fun of it and goes in search of worthy opponents who he expects not to finish off in a single punch. Fans are eagerly waiting for One Punch Man Season 3.





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