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One Piece: Queen’s Powers Are Cursed – But They Make Him Hard to Hate

One Piece Chapter 1028 debuts a new technique from one of Kaido’s top men, Queen — and it absolutely radiates cursed energy.

Queen Brachiosaurus One Piece

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1028,”Brachisnakeus,” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English via Manga Plus and Viz Media.

Just as his fight with Sanji seemed to be leaning in the chef’s favor, in One Piece Chapter 1028, Queen revealed that he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Kaido’s top men, King and Queen, have been giving Sanji and Zoro a run for their money for a while now, but the Lead Performers are truly pulling out all the stops for this battle. Queen in particular revealed a new ability that’s both hilarious and thoroughly confusing: Brachiosnakeus. It’s exactly what it sounds like. With this attack, Queen launches himself out of his dinosaur body and ensares his opponent like an anaconda, breaking all of their bones and rupturing their organs.

Apparently, if we understand Queen correctly, all Brachiosaurus-type Ancient Zoan users have the ability to shoot the length of their head, neck and tail from their body and move around like a snake. As a result, this leaves the rest of their body behind, usually doing nothing but taking up space. Queen, however, has fitted his husk with voice-activated launchers so he can not only crush his opponents, but fire long-range attacks at them as well. This opens the door to several questions: How does this work exactly? Why are the Brachiosaurus-users able to do this? How does one discover this ability? Is every dinosaur-type this weird?

One Piece Chapter 1028 Queen Brachiosnakeus e1634275594771

The reveal comes right as the fight is beginning to feel drawn out, breathing new life into it. It’s cursed as all get-out, but new life regardless. The fight between Queen and Sanji has been ongoing while the other Straw Hats have defeated their respective opponents. There are only so many times we can cut back to lasers and flame kicks before it starts to feel a bit stale. However, this reveal added a new spin on the battle and was quite refreshing, if not a little nightmare-inducing. Not to mention the fact Queen can’t explain his Brachio Launchers without them blasting him. It’s pretty funny given all of his pompous gloating.

Queen’s Brachiosnakeus ability has opened the door for other dinosaurs having their own, specialized abilities. We’ve seen that Sasaki was able to use the fin around his neck as a propeller in his Triceratops form, so it does seem that this is indeed the case. It would appear that if one dinosaur Zoan user has an ability, other people who eat the same fruit would also have that same ability. So if Sanji, for example, were to eat the Brachiosaurus Devil Fruit, he would also be able to shoot himself out of his body like Queen. What those other abilities are haven’t been revealed as of writing, but it’s an interesting concept to say the least. Hopefully, we’ll get to see maybe a couple more before the war for Wano ends.