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One Piece Film: RED News Roundup (Trailer, Soundtrack by Hiroyuki Sawano and ADO, Final Saga, etc.)

On a livestream on the official One Piece YouTube channel, many new details were shared about One Piece Film RED, as well as tidbits about the future of the manga. Below is a summary of all the important announcements:

1. Kenjiro Tsuda will be playing the voice of Gordon in Film RED

screen shot 2022 06 08 at 12.13.34 pm

2. In the same film, Shanks’s daughter Uta will be played by Kaori Nazuka, while her singing scenes will be played by famous Japanese singer ADO

screen shot 2022 06 08 at 12.19.54 pm

3. New trailer for One Piece RED has been released (check CC for English subs)


4. Exclusive “One Piece Volume 4000000000” will be distributed to Japanese moviegoers, including sketches and information about the movie:

screen shot 2022 06 08 at 12.38.41 pm

5. For the first time in a One Piece Film, there will be a total of SEVEN tie-in songs, all by renowned Japanese artists! The list includes:

  • “NEW GENESIS” – Nakata Yasutaka (Film Z) x ADO
  • “I am Last” – Mrs.GREENAPPLE x ADO
  • “Backlight” – Vaundy x ADO
  • “Uta’s Lullaby” – FAKE TYPE. x ADO
  • “Tot Musica” – Hiroyuki Sawano x ADO
  • “World’s Sequel” – Horisaka Yuta x ADO
  • “Wherabouts of Wind” – Motohiro Hata x ADO

All these songs will be released over the course of the next few weeks with their own respective Music Videos to promote them in what is called “UTA PROJECT”. The first song, “NEW GENESIS”, can be listened in full below:

6. New Poster for One Piece RED by Eiichiro Oda. The tagline reads “Red hair leads to the very end, the finale”


7. As previously announced, One Piece will go on hiatus for a month during July. During this period of time, a booklet called “ROAD TO LAUGH TALE” will be published on Shonen Jump, including sketches and plot concepts by Oda. Furthermore, it has now been confirmed we will be entering the Final Saga of One Piece starting from Chapter 1054 on July 25th. A promotional poster to celebrate this has been shown below saying “To the Final Saga”:

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One Piece Film RED releases on August 6th in Japanese theaters and later in other regions!

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