One Piece Chapter 1030 Recap & Spoilers: Echoing The Impermanence of All Things

One Piece #1030 has everyone running to escape the blaze, but one person seeks to only stoke it.

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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1030, “Echoing The Impermanence of All Things” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul, and Vanessa Satone, available in English via Manga Plus and Viz Media.

Chapter 1029 saw Sanji’s worst fears seemingly realized. After using the Raid Suit earlier in battle, his body is now reacting strangely. He fears that he’s becoming like his brothers, heartless monsters. On the Second Floor, Big Mom has gained the upper hand in her fight against Kid and Law. Law tries to fend Big Mom off, but Prometheus attacks him in retaliation. Unbeknownst to the two allies, Basil Hawkins is using his Devil Fruit powers to interfere with the fight and is threatening to kill Kid himself.

Killer offers his life in exchange, and tells Hawkins that he knows Hawkins joined Kaido because he feared dying. He then asks Hawkins two questions: If Hawkins doesn’t have a proper conduit to take the damage he takes go, and how many lives are still protecting his own? Hawkins answers both questions, and once Killer has confirmation, he chops off Hawkins’ left arm. Because Kid has no left arm himself, the damage went direct to Hawkins. He tries to fight back using his Strawman Cards, but Killer finishes him off, allowing Kid to finally fight back against Big Mom.

One Piece Chapter 1030 Apoo X Drake Numbers

Instead of opening on the battle, the chapter begins with a plot unfolding. In the Cave Chamber, Scratchman Apoo is speaking as leader of the Numbers to X Drake. He knows that Drake is a Navy spy, and that no matter who wins the fight, they will be weak and unable to fight a new foe competently. He offers that Drake join up with him and his gang to take on the victor since neither one of them really have anything to gain from either side winning. Drake scoffs, but Apoo insists that the arrangement would be beneficial to both of them. He points out that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but we cut away before we see how Drake responds.

On the stairwell between the first and second floor, Nami and Usopp’s group are rushing to escape the roaring blaze, but Usopp readies his weapon as he spots something strange running around below them. A pair of legs are running around without their top portion. They are crying out for someone to help them. They realize whose legs they are, and Usopp calls out Kin’emon’s name as he grabs onto them. They legs declare that they are indeed Kin’emon and they are looking for their friends. Usopp responds that he is a friend, but without ears, the legs can’t hear him.

One Piece Chapter 1030 Kinemon Usopp Kikunojo

Nami draws the Crescent Moon of the Rebellion on the legs, and they realize that they are among allies. Usopp takes off with “Kin’emon” on Hamlet while Nami and the others stay behind with Tama.  Kin’emon instructs them that there is a ladder on the first floor that leads to a crawlspace in the Left Tower. Someone is in trouble there, and it isn’t just Kine’mon.

We cut to see Kikunojo barely hanging on as Kin’emon’s upper half watches from where he lay, sword still impaled in the ground. He begins speculating that after Law cut him in half, he was never properly reattached, allowing him to survive this time. He silently pleads for Kiku to be spared before suddenly hearing a radio transmission. It’s Orochi’s voice he hears, having survived his beheading. He’s trying to reach Kanjuro, who weakly replies that he’s there.

One Piece Chapter 1030 Kanjuro Kazenbo

Orochi notes that he sounds like he’s about to die, and Kanjuro confirms this. Orochi commends him on his performance, asking him if he can hear the applause. He tells Kanjuro that their ancestors are asking for an encore. He pushes Kanjuro to paint “the burning hatred of the Kurozumi Clan.”Kanjuro picks up his brush as Orochi continues his monologue, telling him to burn all of the ones left behind in the castle. He says the anger of the Kurozumi Clan wanders the halls, all the way down into the family crypt. Kanjuro agrees to the request, and a translucent being appears which he calls “Kazenbo.” The being lights anyone who comes into contact with it ablaze, regardless of which side they are on.

Meanwhile, as an announcement about the creature is made, Momonosuke is struggling to create enough Flame Clouds to push the island. The spirit moves through the castle walls, lighting anything and everything ablaze. Everyone is rushing to escape the fire, some panicking and others more calmly. Orochi knows about the armory in the basement, that it will explode. After ordering Kajuro to light it on fire, he also tells him to hurry back so that the two can escape the island together since the Pirate War is not in their best interest anymore.

One Piece Chapter 1030 Kid Punk Clash Trafalgar Law Kroom Anesthesia

Yamato runs to reach the armory, unsure if he’ll make it time. Suddenly, he’s cut off when Napoleon launches an Ikoku Sovereignty attack at Kid, sending him through one of the castle walls as those outside look on in shock, including Yamato. Big Mom hovers above him, ready to finish him off. We then see a flashback of a conversation between Law and Kid. Kid asks his ally if he can “awaken” his ability, to which Law replies that it’s an extreme measure as he isn’t used to it yet and because it burns too much energy. Kids replies that his is the same, but points out how they aren’t making much progress.

Above Big Mom and Kid, Law creates an orb with the power of his Ope Ope no Mi, then channels it into his sword as he says, “Anesthesia.” He thrusts the sword into Big Mom’s neck, saying that the penetration does nothing, but by using KROOM, he can cause internal shockwaves. Using his “Shock Wille” he causes an explosion, and while Big Mom is distracted, Kid uses his power to “Assign” Big Mom to become magnetic. He uses “Punk Clash” to cause all of the metal in the area to converge on Big Mom, seemingly crushing her.