My Hero Academia’s UA Traitor Finally Reveals All For One’s True Goal

In My Hero Academia Chapter 343, the UA traitor finally reveals All For One’s planned future for the world.


Before My Hero Academia‘s final confrontation between the heroes and villains begins in earnest, the series finally answered the question that has been on long-time fans’ minds; “What is All For One’s true goal?” Until now, the villain leader has kept his cards close to his chest, preferring to have his Shigaraki Tomura’s goals take center stage, but no more. His plans for the world moving forward have finally been exposed, and by his former spy, no less.

Even though Aoyama Yuga was exposed as the UA traitor, his 1-A classmates rallied behind him, refusing to accept that the bond they’d formed with Aoyama was a sham. In his confession, Aoyama proved them right, detailing the troubling string of events that landed him in All For One’s net. Aoyama’s story elicited sympathy from his friends and the authorities present but Aoyama still had to be held in custody due to the many uncertainties surrounding his relationship with All For One, and his fragile state of mind. However, after a talk with Eraserhead, Aoyama regained his conviction and resolved to fight.

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He was released as part of an elaborate plot All Might and the police came up with. They identified that their only hope of victory was to separate All For One from Shigaraki and Aoyama was their best shot at achieving that feat. He seemingly offered All For One both Deku and One For All on a silver platter but in actuality led him to an ambush. In the time it took for All For One to arrive at their location, Aoyama told Deku about his former master’s ambition, and it’s truly frightening.

Japan never recovered from the collateral damage of the Paranormal Liberation War. In addition to the widespread infrastructural ruin the villains caused during their rampage, All For One spearheaded a prison outbreak that released several more dangerous villains. Former allies and random troublemakers alike were set free, and they made it their duty to further destabilize the society that Shigaraki and the League of Villains had dealt a heavy blow to.

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Of course, this insecurity couldn’t remain confined to just Japan for long. Villains worldwide were emboldened by Japan’s plight and All For One fanned the flames of unrest through his network of contacts. All these factors would only result in the gradual collapse of several weaker nations, who would be forced to adopt a state of emergency similar to the one Japan is currently operating under. All For One was counting on this phenomenon reaching a global scale, and when enough nations were similarly crippled, he’d finally make his move.

These failed states would also mean a breakdown in the distribution of life-saving resources and basic amenities such as electricity, water, and shelter. Once they reached this point, All For One intended to position himself as a savior to these countries. The numerous Quirks he’d compiled over the years meant he’d be able to provide these essentials for as many as need them quite easily, but it wouldn’t be as a gesture of goodwill. He’d only help the countries that agreed to surrender their sovereignty. Given that Japan, a bastion of Pro-Hero might, was only a few steps away from succumbing to him, many countries would be pressured to agree to his terms. Should everything go according to his plan, All For One would finally achieve his lifelong ambition of having the entire world in his palm.