[Mereoleona vs Morris] Black Clover Chapter 358 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 358

The decayed hand had little to no effect on Mereoleona and in Black Clover Chapter 358 she is taking on Morris with full force and used a new spell to defeat Morris. Read more about it in detail below.

In the last chapter, we saw that Lucius easily stopped Yuno’s attack and said that since he has taken Lucifero in he has gained some serious physical power and an attack of that level is not going to work on him. He also told Yuno that his body will not last long if he continue to use this extreme magic. Lucius called this all a bad idea and said that this will add more to his suffering. Jack was thinking as if he is going to die here.

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In a flashback, during an ongoing fight, Yami asked Jack what was going on. Jack thought that if Yami would have been serious at that time he could have taken his left eye. Then Morgen came and told Yami that they are on a mission and he should get along with others. Yami said that he was not the one who started it. Jack then said that Light and Dark both are mystical and elusive magic. In the present, Jack was leaning towards Yami and was feeling ashamed.

Jack then said that he had been destroying things for a long time and he will do the same one last time. Then we saw a great attack from Jack and then asked Yami about the attack. Yami said that it was such a big deal and Jack collapsed telling Yami that he regrets not slicing him up. Morgen said that it will be alright soon as he will be reborn. The chapter ended with Morris decaying Mereoleona’s hand.

Black Clover Chapter 358 Release Date

Black Clover 358 will be released in the upcoming Weekly shonen jump issue on upcoming Sunday, 23rd April 2023 as per Viz Media’s official release schedule. The spoilers and raw scans are already released, you can read them below.

Black Clover Chapter 358 Release Date23rd April 2023
Black Clover Chapter 358 Raw Scans Release19th April 2023

Black Clover Chapter 358 Raw scans

Black Clover Chapter 358 raw scans are out. The chapter shows the fight between Mereoleona and Morris as they put themselves into a test of endurance.

Black Clover Chapter 358 Raw Scans
After her hand gets decayed she activates Hellfire Incarnate.
Black Clover Chapter 358 Raw Scans
Two magic knights try to shield Mereoleona from the attacks but they get decayed after touching Morris’ tentacles.
Black Clover Chapter 358 Raw Scans
Fuegoleon is seen with Salamander in this chapter.
Black Clover Chapter 358 Raw Scans
Mereoleona gets furious after all the Magic knights shielding her get decayed.
Black Clover Chapter 358 Raw Scans
The chapter ends with Mereoleona using a new spell on Morris.

Black Clover Chapter 358 Spoilers

  • Mereoleona’s arm is decayed by Morris, she then activates ‘Hellfire Incarnate’.
  • Morris says that he has never seen something like Leona as her body is almost closer to Mana.
  • Morris says that the power given by Lucius decomposes everything he touches.
  • He praises Mereoleona for immediately regenerating her fist with mana but then says that his tentacles regenerate faster.
  • They both are canceling each other out but Morris says that it is just a matter of time as his regeneration is faster.
  • One of the magic knights says “At this rate, her body will…!” and Mereoleona just shouts “I don’t care!!!”.
  • Fuegoleon is nearby with Salamander and Magic knights from his squad are wondering if there’s anything they can do.
  • Fuegoleon then takes a look at his sister.
  • Mereoleona rages and Morris says it’s over.
  • Two magic knights try to save Mereoleona but fail.
  • Mereoleona says that she can fight Morris alone but Magic Knights say that she needs to be shielded from the attacks.
  • All Magic Knights trying to shield Mereoleona get decayed.
  • Fuegoleon says that Morris will also reach his limit at some point and Mereoleona is also playing the same game as Morris.
  • It is the game of endurance.
  • Morris then tells Mereoleona that even if she is stupid Lucius-sama will treat her equally.
  • Mereoleona then rages and says that she will definitely burn Morris to death for the dead Magic Knights.
  • The chapter ends with her unleashing a new spell “Calidus Bracium: Purgatory Incineration”.

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