Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari Season 2 Releases 2nd Main Trailer

More cast members were announced as well, including Mika Doi as Tsumabiki, Kouhei Fukuhara as Tsutsumi, and Yuusuke Shirai as Fukie.

The first season of Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari aired from January to March this year. The anime is based on the Shueisha-published manga by Onigunsou

Seven Seas Entertainment describes the plot as:

When spirits cross over into the human world, they can possess old objects and gain a physical form: a tsukumogami. Tsukumogami can be gentle, violent, or somewhere in-between, so the Saenome clan peacefully helps send them back to the spirit world to avoid destruction.

Kunato Hyouma is a member of the clan, but is…less than peaceful, since he holds a grudge from when a tsukumogami robbed him of something important. Afraid that Hyouma’s brash anger in dealing with these spirits will lead to supernatural catastrophes, Hyouma’s grandfather sends him to live in Kyoto with Nagatsuki Botan, an unusual young woman who actually lives with tsukumogami like family! Can Hyouma learn to control his emotions when dealing with tsukumogami, or is his own spirit doomed to be possessed with rage forever?

The anime’s staff includes Ryuuichi Kimura (Aikatsu Planet! chief director and director) as director, Takahiro Okawa (Aikatsu Planet! animation storyboarder) as assistant director, Keiichirou Oochi (The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2) as series composer, Shiori Fujisawa (Aikatsu Planet! design works) as main character designer, and Yuuka Shiga (Cestvs: The Roman Fighter co-2D character designer) as sub-character designer. BN Pictures is the animation production company.

Meanwhile, the cast includes:

 Takeo Ootsuka as Hyoma Kunato
• Yuuki Takada as Botan Nagatsuki
• Chikahiro Kobayashi as Nagi
• Reina Ueda as Yuu
• Aimi Tanaka as Kagami
• Yoshiki Nakajima as Suzuri
• Miyuki Sawashiro as Haori
• Youko Hikasa as Karakasa no Tsukumogami

The manga began in 2014 and has 15 tankoubon volumes published under the Young Jump Comics label as of January 2023. The manga was originally serialized in Miracle Jump before moving to Ultra Jump in 2016.

Source: @mononogatari_pr

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