Magical Destroyer’s Aimi Talks About Anime Opening and Voicing Blue

You perform the opening theme Magical Destroyer which is used in the beautiful, yet chaotic animated sequence for the anime. What was the recording process like for that song?

Aimi: I had fun recording it as I communicated directly with Jun Inagawa! The work to create this was done while the whole team devised various ideas. Although I was nervous, it was a very rewarding project.

The anime opening sequence drew a lot of attention overseas for being unique and different. What is your impression when you saw the anime opening?

Aimi: I was moved by the beauty of the animation! Even if you were to take a clip of any of the scenes, it is a wonderful opening sequence and a work of art. I would like people all over the world to see it. 

The lyrics for “Magical Destroyer,” contain many strong words and phrases like “Orchestra of destruction and love” and “With a mad scream, split the world into two.” What was your impression of the song when you encountered Jun Inagawa-san and Jubee-san’s lyrics for the first time?

Aimi: I was impressed by the words they used for their world building, which is something I would not be able to come up with when I personally write lyrics. I felt like there was a way to enjoy life with the phrases, where one could use common sense while also enjoying being unconventional. 

When working on the song “Magical Destroyer,” were there any instructions on how to sing the song during the recording? And how did you comply with those requests?

Aimi: Apparently, there was an overall image where this part has a straightforward feel to it, or this part has a lifeless feel to it, and so on. However, they accepted everything that I could produce without having to be restricted by things like that.

I also suggested various ways of singing, in order to live up to what they were looking for, during the recording process. 

The music video has a spectacular world view using CG. How was the video shooting? And what did you feel when you watched the completed video?

Aimi: Since it was a shot on a green screen, I was also surprised when I saw the finished video! Since it is a worldview that I wouldn’t be able to express on my own, I was grateful for having this encounter with Magical Destroyers.

Could you share some memorable moments while working on the anime opening song?

Aimi: Jun-san was having trouble deciding on one part of the lyrics, so he suggested several versions to me on the day of the recording. Since I thought all of them were wonderful, I was able to suggest that maybe it was fine not to narrow it down to just one. So, we ended up using several of them, with one for phrase 1 and one for phrase 2, respectively. 

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Magical Destroyer is currently airing, but for the folks who haven’t watched the show yet, how would you describe it and how would you describe your character, Blue?

Aimi: Blue is a perv (laughs). But she is reliable, she can play both the straight and funny comedic roles, and she would definitely be a fun person if she was part of my friend group. She has a lot of appealing things about her, so it would make me happy if one is able to end up liking her!

Before joining the voice cast, what did you know about the anime series beforehand and how were you able to land the role of Blue?

Aimi: I auditioned for it and I was selected. At that time, I had received material regarding the worldview of the project, but when the voice post-recording began, I was surprised at the chaotic nature of the world. It was more than I had imagined. 

Blue seems to be an eccentric character who’s not afraid to let her passions show. What were your first impressions of her and how did you portray a character like her?

Aimi: I thought the part of her where she is honest about her desires was really wonderful. Since she’s sincere about her feelings, it is very refreshing when I play her part. I thought I would play her part by just simply having fun!

Only a few episodes of the anime have aired so far, but what is your favorite scene of the show so far?

Aimi: The swimsuit part of episode 4! A swimsuit episode is standard for anime, and I was happy I got to see the Magical Girls in swimsuits. Blue was also really psyched up, so I had a lot of fun doing the voice post-recording. 

As someone who watched anime and is deeply involved in the anisong world, how do you feel about the Magical Destroyer premise of banning all otakus? How do you think you would fare in the world of Magical Destroyer?

Aimi: If otaku are banned, then I think people would possibly lose the hope to live. As there is the phrase, “You gotta stan for your fave when you can,” I would like to continue cherishing this moment right now!

If I was in this world, I would like to become a Magical Girl too and fight! I request that my color will be purple. 

Any final comments to fans overseas?

Aimi: Both the anime and the theme songs have turned out with the most chaotic feel to them! For Magical Destroyers, there is an energy that is beyond words, and I think it has become a work that the whole world can talk about together. So, let’s all have an otaku talk together someday! Please enjoy it a lot! 

Magical Destroyers is now streaming on Crunchyroll

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