Kyoto Animation Adds WorldShopping Functionality to Online Store

Kyoto Animation‘s online merchandise store, Kyoani Shop!, is now equipped with the WorldShopping BIZ service for international shipping purposes.

KyoAni previously introduced the Kyoani Shop! For International Fans in 2018. That online store is ceasing operations as of June 8, 2023, making WorldShopping its replacement for overseas shoppers. The announcement notes that a few items will not be shippable overseas, but “most products are eligible.”

“Rest assured, we are committed to expanding our product range and ensuring that we can deliver our merchandise to customers all around the world. We genuinely appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to serving you at Kyoani Shop!” the post adds.

The Kyoani Shop! features merchandise for anime like Free!, Sound! Euphonium, Tsurune, and Hyouka. It also sells print media like fan books, storyboard/key frame collections, and KA Esuma Bunko light novels.

Last March, KyoAni permanently closed its physical Kyoani&DoShop! merchandise store to transform it into a workplace.  

Source: @kyoanishop

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