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Kaiju No.8 Chapter 37 – Berserk Kaiju No.8

We previously saw Kafka transform into Kaiju No.8 to save himself from the General’s attack. In doing so, he awakened an automatic response that turned Kaiju No. 8 into its berserk version. He is no longer in control of Kaiju No.8’s actions and goes all out while fighting the General. Towards the end, we see the General exhaust Kaiju No.2’s resources and Kakfka seems worn-out too. Fans are now dying to know what comes next in Kaiju No.8 Chapter 37.


Is Kaiju No.8 Chapter 37 on a delay?

1 Kaiju No.8 Chapter 37

Since the start of 2021, we have noticed all the ongoing manga step up their game by releasing all the latest chapters with minimal delays. Kaiju No.8 is one of those mangas that is trying their best to compete on another level. With only having released double-digit chapters, Kaiju No.8 has a huge fan base. So, fortunately, we won’t see any delays in this week’s Kaiju No.8 Chapter 37 release.

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 37 Release Date Confirmed!

According to Viz Media, Kaiju No.8 Chapter 37 release date has been confirmed to release on June 10th, 2021. This is the official confirmed release date and no further delays are expected in the future. To know more about such release dates or delays in the ongoing manga genre, stay tuned to Spoilerguy.

Where To Read Kaiju No.8 Chapter 37?

kaiju no.8 chapter 37

Viz Media is highly recommended to read all the latest shonen jump manga without any delay. They simulcast all the latest chapters for free and have a wide variety of manga to choose from. We highly condemn any usage of illegal sites to read any manga chapters. Viz Media supports the creators of all your favorite manga series as well. All the latest chapters including Kaiju No.8 Chapter 37 can be read on the same.





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