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Jujutsu Kaisen: Kenjaku’s Domain Expansion Hides a Deadly Secret

Chapter 206 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga reveals Kenjaku’s Domain Expansion has a frightening connection to the one and only Ryomen Sukuna’s.

Given that he’s been operating and pulling the strings of Jujutsu Kaisen’s society for millennia, it’s no surprise that Kenjaku has unlocked a Domain Expansion — yet his reveal of it still managed to retain some shock value. Predictably, the manifestation of his Domain swung the battle against Yuki Tsukumo in his favor.

There’s no denying the Domain Expansion’s strength, but Kenjaku has been tight-lipped about its most dangerous feature, perhaps saving its most divine secret to be revealed at a more opportune time.

Why Did Kenjaku Cast Domain Expansion in Jujutsu Kaisen 206?

Yuki and Tengen agreeing to force Kwnjaku to manifest his domain as a trap

Although the entire scope of Kenjaku’s plan for the future of jujutsu hasn’t been revealed, he’s made it clear that gaining control of Tengen was crucial for its success. Before assimilating the ancient sorcerer, however, Kenjaku will have to fight his way through Yuki Tsukumo, another special-grade jujutsu sorcerer and Choso, the eldest Death Painting and one of his own creations. Kenjaku momentarily stunned Choso, who finally tagged Yuki in to finish the evil sorcerer. Unbeknownst to Kenjaku, the duo had hatched a plan to defeat him — and it hinged on Yuki forcing him to open his Domain.

After losing one of the most powerful special grade cursed spirits at his disposal to Yuki’s very first attack, Kenjaku was forced to adopt a more strategic approach to their match. He assessed Yuki’s Mass Cursed Technique and, rather than attempt to face it head on, converted their battle into one of Domains. Even though that was exactly what Tengen and Yuki were counting on, Kenjaku’s willingness to open his Domain Expansion took them both by surprise, and they were ever so slightly slower in beginning their anti-Domain countermeasures.

The setting of their battle was meant to give Tengen some leverage over Kenjaku. By opening a Domain Expansion within a space that was already under Tengen’s control, Kenjaku’s Domain would be vulnerable. Yuki’s plan was to survive Kenjaku’s Domain and keep the sorcerer busy for 10 seconds while Tengen worked to neutralize it from the outside. Once Kenjaku’s Domain had been forcibly closed, his cursed technique would be depleted — making him a sitting duck for Yuki to defeat.

Kenjaku’s Domain Expansion: Womb Profusion Is Like Sukuna’s

Yuki and Tengen react in a surprised manner to Kenjaku suddenly manifesting a Domain Expamsion

Yuki and Tengen’s plan may as well have been scrapped as soon as Kenjaku manifested his Domain Expansion: Womb Profusion. Unlike regular domains, the villain cast his without first creating a separate space with a barrier technique. Domains of this type are incredibly rare and have so far been used successfully by only one other Jujutsu Kaisen character: Ryomen Sukuna. Fushiguro Megumi managed to pull off a version of this borderless Domain, but his was far leas refined than either Kenjaku’s or Sukuna’s.

The disadvantages of casting a Domain Expansion without borders are almost nonexistent while facing an opponent trapped in a space with the user. By leaving Womb Profusion open, Kenjaku effectively made the entirety of Tengen’s space his own domain, leaving no inner barrier to be destroyed. Doing so increased the effective range of every single one of Kenjaku’s techniques, meaning Yuki’s defensive Simple Domain couldn’t hold out for long against him. Tengen eventually managed to dispel the empty chamber Kenjaku had wrested control over, but the damage had already been done — and both sides have suffered severe losses.

Without his cursed techniques, Kenjaku is helpless to defend against Yuki’s unending onslaught of blows. Now that Choso has reentered the fray, he’s in an even more precarious position. The battle to decide Tengen’s future is currently a race against time on both sides. Will Kenjaku manage to regain his cursed techniques before Choso and Yuki overpower him, or will Yuki finally succumb to her injuries before Jujutsu Kaisen’s current clash is over?


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