How to Get the Health Conversion Mod in Warframe

Warframe’s mods are quintessential in taking on high-level content, especially when it comes to choosing the right mods. These mods can make or break a Warframe in terms of power, so choosing wisely and making the correct investments in both Forma and mod levels are key to success. One such mod has some great use when you want to take as much damage as you dish out. Here’s how to get the Health Conversion mod in Warframe.

Where to Find the Health Conversion Mod in Warframe

The Health Conversion mod can be purchased for 100,000 standing from Cephalon Simaris. Simaris can be found in any relay by entering it, then using the Fast Travel menu in your Pause menu to reach him. Once there, head to the back of the room to see the kiosk with his offerings, where you’ll find the Health Conversion mod sitting there neatly for you alongside the several dozen other things he sells.

How Do You Get Enough Standing for Health Conversion?

Warframe Synthesis Blue Trail
Image via Prima Games.

If you’re reading this guide, there’s a good chance you don’t have enough standing to get the mod. There are two different ways to get Cephalon Simaris standing. The first is through Personal Target scanning, which asks you to scan a particular target (Ancient Healer, for example) 10 times with the Synthesis Scanner that he offers. This can only be done once per target though.

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The other method is through his Daily Synthesis Target, which asks you to find a target somewhere on one of the Star Chart nodes. These will vary, though you’ll know that you’re on the right mission when Simaris mentions a target is ripe for Synthesis. To find the target he wants, use the Synthesis Scanner and you’ll see a trail of blue particles heading toward the target. Reach them, then scan them to complete the daily mission and score a few thousand standing. Be sure to finish the mission you’re in if you want it to count. Keep farming these every day, and you’ll have enough for the Health Conversion mod.

What Does the Health Conversion Mod Do?

The Health Conversion mod causes any health orbs you pick up to grant 450 Armor, stacking up to three times. Taking any form of damage will consume a stack of this buff after three seconds. Most frames can’t make optimal use of this mod, except for Nekros. Because of the nature of the Despoil augment mod (which causes his Desecrate ability to drain health instead of energy), having this level of tankiness can be a big help to his survivability. Seeing as Desecrate also increases Health Orb drops, these two facts go hand in hand to create a great mod for our favorite undead frame.

Health Conversion may be a difficult mod to get, but for a Nekros build, it can be well worth the effort. While we’re on the topic of mods, check out our guide on what an Augment mod is in Warframe.

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