How to Get Charc Electroplax in Warframe

When it comes to fishing in Warframe, catching fish can be surprisingly useful in the long term. As one example, certain Zaws will require you to get fishing materials from particular fish like Sharrac and Mawfish. One such material needs a fish that can be somewhat easy to find, but you’ll need to know what part of the map to look for first. Here’s how to get Charc Electroplax in Warframe.

Where to Farm Charc Electroplax in Warframe

Charc Electroplax is acquired through cutting Charc Eels at Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus. Charc Eels can be found in lake biomes, particularly within the Gara Toht Lake over on the East of the map. You won’t need a hotspot or bait to find it as it’s a very common fish, and you won’t need a particular spear as any spear will get the job done. No matter whether the Charc Eel is small, medium, or large, it will always yield the same amount of Charc Electroplax. You’ll also get some Fish Meat, Fish Scales, and Fish Oil if you needed any. Tusk Thumpers also have a chance to drop Charc Electroplax, though that’s an extremely unreliable farming method at best.

What is Charc Electroplax Used For?

Charc Electroplax has five different recipes that it’s needed in, with one being a tad surprising. These recipes and the required amounts of the material are as follows:

  • Gara Systems – 35 Charc Electroplax
  • Ekwana Ruhang Link – 5 Charc Electroplax
  • Vargeet Ruhang Link – 5 Charc Electroplax
  • Fosfor Rahd x20 – 5 Charc Electroplax
  • Voidrig Weapon Pod – 25 Charc Electroplax

Most of these recipes are fairly understandable, though the Voidrig Weapon Pod is out of left field. You’ll want to snag that early though, since Voidrig is considered by many to be the stronger of the two Necramechs. That aside, you’ll need a total of 75 Charc Electroplax to get everything listed, though you may need multiple Links or Fosfor Rahd over time. It all depends on how many Zaws you’re building, and how much Fosfor Rahd you want to stock up on.

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Charc Electroplax isn’t difficult to come across, though doesn’t have a lot of practical use. Thankfully, you won’t have trouble farming it if you need it down the line. While you’re after fish, check out our guide on how to catch a Mawfish in Warframe.

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