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Here are 5 new mobile games you should try this week


We’ve been having some trouble sleeping lately, and it’s occurred to us that maybe mobile games can help. Not that they’re so boring that they put you to sleep (hopefully), but rather they have the potential to help you unwind and get your mind to relax so that you can more easily fall into a state of sleep.

Is this medical advice? Heck no! We’re mobile games journalists, not doctors. Our knowledge of medicine and proper health care techniques is somewhere far short of WebMD getting you to think that every pain is a symptom of a possible heart attack.

But we do think there’s something to be said for the idea that mobile games can make your troubles disappear for a bit if those are what are keeping you awake, and new ones might be able to do the trick even better. To that end, here are five new titles that have popped up within the past week that are worth checking out during those late night hours, or any time, really.


From the team that brought you Leo’s Fortune comes this combination platformer and puzzler, complete with a setting you don’t see all that often. The titular Oddmar is told he’s not worthy of someday getting into Valhalla (this is a Viking story, see), and he needs your help to prove otherwise. Gorgeous visuals help tell the story in motion comic style, and the action looks pretty sweet too.

Fishing Strike

Netmarble promises that with Fishing Strike, it’s created a next generation fishing game, one so realistic that you can feel the phone pulled right out of your hand when you have a big one on the line. Okay, we just made that last part up. The emphasis here seems to be on action rather than strict simulation, so you won’t be waiting around for fish to start biting. You can create a virtual aquarium stocked with what you catch, too, and even visit it in VR and AR, which sounds pretty neat.

Dynamite Headdy Classic

This game might actually not fit our theme for the week of helping you peacefully fall asleep, just because the core conceit is a little alarming if you stop and think about it. The main character can swap his head and throw it and … it’s pretty bizarre. Nevertheless, this old school Sega game got killer reviews back in 1994, it’s free and it even supports the original level select code if you’re a gamer of a certain age. Meaning kind of graying, now. Sorry.

Brew Town

There have been beer-brewing sims before (no, honest), but Brew Town appears to take a more lighthearted approach to what is sometimes a serious subject in real life. Build up your own brewery from humble beginnings fulfill orders made by people who dig your line, and perhaps most intriguingly, spend some time designing your own beer labels to be individual mini works of art. You can’t actually drink the beer, but every other part of this game seems pretty dope.

Retro Highway

We always appreciate games that let you know right what they’re about in their titles, and Retro Highway appears to be one of those very games. It looks and probably feels like an arcade racing game from yesteryear, and it’ll have you riding your bike everywhere from the desert to the moon. Not directly from one to the other, mind you, as we don’t think that’s possible. Consider whatever retro gaming you have scratched by this, probably.

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