Gamezebo’s 10 Most Beautiful Games of 2017


2017 was a challenging year for many who will be happy to flip their calendars forward to January. But as we look back on the world of mobile games, 2017 undeniably brought us joy, delight, grace, and artistry. Indeed, not all visually appealing games are fun, and not all well-designed games are great to look at. For Gamezebo’s Best of 2017 list, we picked our favorite visual stunners that were most highly reviewed by the Gamezebo team. So add some beauty to your life with Gamezebo’s picks for the best, most beautiful games of 2017.

Listed in chronological order by 2017 release date.


Yuri Image 2 1

Balanced on his bed, gliding and jumping through the air, Yuri lets you into his dreamworld. Guide him through beguiling landscapes and past dangerous flora and fauna to discover the mysteries of Yuri’s dreams. Read the full Yuri Review here.

Hidden Folks


Hidden Folks is a series of meticulously drawn scenes featuring the daily lives of ordinary people. With interactive and cause-and-effect details, players will enjoy finding specific characters to advance the narrative. Read the Hidden Folks review here and check out the gameplay guide here.

The Big Journey

The Big Journey Gameplay 2

With the feeling of being dropped into a children’s storybook, The Big Journey evokes innocent wonder as you guide a pudgy feline on an adventure through a delightful world. Tilt your device to roll Mr. Whiskers, gather dumplings, and meet new animal friends. Read The Big Journey review here.


Tokaido Review

Based on a popular board game, Tokaido is a turn-based strategy game that flawlessly makes the transition to mobile. Journey along the eponymous trade road to meet mysterious strangers, collect gorgeous artwork, and gather valuable treasures. Read the Tokaido review here.

Old Man’s Journey


In this quiet and moving adventure, we guide an old man through stunning vistas to help him reach his yet-unknown destination. Using flashbacks and a unique hill-sliding puzzle mechanic, we discover his history and his motivation. Read the Old Man’s Journey review here.

Framed 2

Framed 2 Review

Manipulate time and narrative in this puzzle game by moving panels of a comic-style scene, and watch the characters come alive. Set in a gritty urban landscape with bold silhouettes and high-contrast saturated colors, Framed 2 is a fierce nod to noir. Read the Framed 2 review here.

Monument Valley 2

IMG 1162 e1496755326188

The highly anticipated sequel to the much beloved Monument Valley was everything we wanted it to be, if only a little too short. With two characters to guide, this sublime puzzler feels familiar but fresh. Read the Monument Valley 2 review here and the walkthrough guide here.

The Witness

thewitness 1

Packed full of puzzles embedded throughout every scene, The Witness combines exploration with problem solving, in a beautifully rendered world. Interact with everything around you and discover the secrets of this mysterious abandoned island. Read The Witness review here.


Frost Tips Cheats Strategies Guide

Intensely alluring and filled with delightful surprises, Frost uses energy rerouted from sparkling streams to illuminate glowing orbs. Watch out for currents, electrified grids, and slashing beams in this enchanting and well-paced puzzler. Read the Frost review here and the gameplay guide here.


gorogoa ios feat

The tiniest details of Gorogoa hold moments of wonder and delight for the player willing to poke around and explore. Zoom in, dissect, and swap richly watercolored images to connect scenes and discover the narrative compelling you to continue your adventure. Read the Gorogoa review here.

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