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Four new mobile games you should try this week


Is it officially spring yet? We ask only because it hasn’t felt that way in many parts of the U.S., which seem to have gone directly from cold to hot and given up on the concept of a spring altogether. On the plus side, both temperature extremes are perfect for playing new mobile games, so we’re really good with whatever Mother Nature decides to do. We just wish she’d make up her mind.

If you’re like some of us here at Gamezebo, there’s another reason to dread the change in the weather, and that’s pollen. Non-allergy sufferers don’t really understand what the big deal is, but if you’ve ever seen pollen blown up using an electron microscope, you already know the darn things look like the heads of medieval morningstars. It’s no wonder they cause so much misery.

The best way to fight them off is to avoid them altogether, something we heartily endorse as we search the latest batch of new mobile games for what looks the most promising every week. This isn’t the most fantastic week in terms of quantity, but there should be some quality about, beginning with the latest in a long-running series of hack ‘n slash fantasy adventures.

Dungeon Hunter Champions

The latest Dungeon Hunter title looks like it’s going for a “something for everyone” vibe. It’s an action RPG, for sure, but it also has some MOBA elements as it leans hard on the fact that it has 5v5 real-time PvP, though it eases you in that direction when you actually play it. Add in some truly stunning visuals and gigantic bosses and you’ve got a package that should entice lots of different kinds of mobile gamers — including us.


Could there be anything more stereotypically mobile game than combining two really popular trends in one title? Let’s start with the ‘.io’ title, which we’d say still has some currency. Then add in a battle royale element and you’ve got a game that’s as on trend as you can possibly get. That said, this is no mere knockoff or copycat, as it features 50-player matches with people throwing axes at each other as they battle to see who can be the last player standing. We dig it.


Typically speaking, magic and technology don’t mix — unless you subscribe to the idea that magic is simply technology we haven’t figured out yet. But forget that, because Magibot imagines a world where your character is actually a magician robot, helping you figure out this game’s blend of strategy and platformer elements. If that sounds like something that you might like, Magibot has 40 levels, two game modes and a lot more into which you can sink your techomagical teeth.

Ramboat 2

It’s the sequel to the first Ramboat! Fin. Just kidding, we’ll go a little deeper into it than that. Ramboat combined aspects of a shooter with the framework of an endless runner, and this follow-up looks like it continues in that general vein while adding more customization in terms of both weapons and cosmetic items. If there’s an action itch you’ve got to scratch this week, this could certainly do it.

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