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Flipping Legend Review: Flipping Fantastic

Flipping Legend is an absolute delight of a game. A kind of Endless Runner, you’d be forgiven for thinking it might be derivative and dull — but that’s far from the truth. It taps into that ‘just one more go’ sentiment in a way that means you’ll keep coming back for more and more and, well, you get the idea. Its friendly approach to in-app purchases will endear you to it even more.

The idea is simple – you play a hero who needs to leap through the upcoming arena. A tap to the left has you jump diagonally to the left, while a tap to the right sends you to the right. It’s simple stuff because this is all about speed and pattern recognition. You see, your health is draining each step of the way and the only way to refresh it is to knock down some enemies along the way. The best run has you jumping so you’re consistently taking out enemies each step of the way or at least collecting coins instead.

flip4 2

By doing so, you get into a rhythm but you also need to watch out for spikes, lava, and stones flung your way. Your hero is vulnerable and not able to take any damage, meaning game over can hit you pretty fast. Practice is crucial here as you slowly get into the pattern of things and start building on your previous high scores.

Everything about Flipping Legend is geared towards making you want to play more. Coins are earned at a steady pace, allowing you to purchase upgrades or new characters. Experience is gained too, unlocking new skills that help you along the way. Daily challenges further entice you into joining in more.

Each new character is loosely similar but also come with their own set of skills. Typically, one skill has you able to briefly backtrack while another is a more offensive skill, enabling you to take out plenty of enemies at once. It’s fun and simple stuff but highly effective too.

flip2 2

Upgrades work via a skill tree. At first, it seems fairly minimal in terms of the bonuses it provides, but they soon accumulate. You can end up being immune to certain negative effects, or enjoy faster health regeneration. Different characters enjoy different upgrade paths too, such as the ninja being able to shoot strikers while the werewolf is able to jump forward. It’s fun to mess around and try out different characters.

You earn chests at regular points, also. Each gives you the chance to earn a new skin for your character, gold, or an experience boost allowing you to level up faster. It’s all a great way of trickle feeding content with only pop-up ads getting in the way relatively infrequently.

The real fun, of course, is simply bouncing around. Sessions are action packed but relatively swift. You’ll always enjoy yourself as you build up to a great high score or collect a significant number of coins. While you can choose to start at the beginning every time if you want, you can also unlock a portal that means you can skip ahead to different areas for a small coin based price. It keeps things flowing nicely and suitably varied.

It’s all fairly lightweight stuff, but that’s what works so well for Flipping Legend. It’s ideal for frantic but brief gaming sessions, and is sure to stick around on your phone for a while to come.

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