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Five for Friday: New mobile games you need to check out this week


It’s hard to imagine there’s anyone who doesn’t like Friday. For the many people still following a traditional work week, Friday is the light at the end of the tunnel, the gateway to some relative rest and relaxation. On top of that, it’s also the day we here at Gamezebo celebrate new mobile games.

Yes, we used to do it on Thursdays, but that was because the ever popular App Store refresh happened that day for iOS users. Now, it’s much more common to see new mobile games release whenever they darn well please (okay, whenever Apple and Google give them the thumbs up and set them live, but you get the idea), so we just picked a day to go back over what’s arrived in the prior week. And Friday was where we landed.

It hasn’t been a week filled with big studio or IP releases, but that’s okay because not every week has to. There’s a decent amount of variety, so let’s shine that spotlight on five new titles and see what sparkles.

Tiny Bubbles

Fitting right in with our Friday theme, Tiny Bubbles looks like the type of game that can definitely help put your mind at ease after a long week on the job. Combining elements of both matching and physics-based puzzlers, the mechanics are simple yet thoughtful, and the graphics and overall aesthetic are definitely inviting. With more than 170 levels, three different modes and no time pressure to complete them, this is one to chill with over the long haul, or so it appears.

  • App Store ($2.99)
  • Google Play (Free, but still in beta)

Almost There: The Platformer

The subtitle is necessary because there are already apps out there with the same name, but it also helps describe exactly what this particular Almost There is about. With legit one-touch gameplay, the idea is to run, jump, climb and dodge your way past spikes and other obstacles. But before you say anything, it’s not an auto-runner like previous games it resembles, and promises full control over your pixel thingy. Definitely worth a look.

Qbics Paint

This is another pretty chill game for your Friday pleasure. The idea here is to build your own voxel firgures, then paint them (perhaps obviously) and have them interact with the real world in AR mode. Not feeling super creative? That’s okay too, as the Sculpt Mode allows you to take advantage of patterns for figures that are already pre-made in the game. Looks like a title mobile gamers of all ages can enjoy.


Though it’s been out in other markets for some time, Returners is finally out worldwide, and it offers up a simple but intriguing concept: Why invent your own heroes when there are so many legendary ones from throughout human history? Expect to be able to collect the likes of Robin Hood, Aladdin, Hercules and more, then send them into action in real-time 5v5 battles. It also has a unique visual style, so this is a game that catches the eye right away.


Let’s end where we began, with one last new game that looks like it will put you in a calming mood. Billing itself as an adventure-puzzle game, Kontrast is designed to be played in one sitting, according to the developer, and its striking black and white design means that all seven of its worlds should leave an impression on you. Some early reviews are saying it’s too short, so keep that in mind, but that also suggests they liked what they played.

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