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Every Akatsuki Member In Naruto, Ranked by Coolness

The ten main Akatsuki members are all powerful and scary. However, some are much cooler about it than others.

Naruto is a beloved shonen anime series featuring some of anime’s coolest characters of all time, from the goofy but deadly Kakashi Hatake to the rogue shinobi Sasuke Uchiha and more. This also includes most of Naruto’s best villains, especially those in the Akatsuki criminal organization.

The Akatsuki’s mission statement is to capture the nine tailed beasts and use their power to dominate the entire world. Its members will say or do anything to accomplish that mission, and some of them are really cool and fun to watch as a result. These stylish, memorable Akatsuki members might have chilling dialogue, for example, or outstanding ninjutsu or memorable moments to their name.

10/10: Zetsu Is Sinister But Not Especially Cool

zetsu with his leafy stuff in naruto

The bizarre creature named Zetsu was, for a long time, the Akatuski gang’s most mysterious member. He’s a green-haired being with one half pitch-black skin and the other half, paper-white, split down the middle. He can also appear out of the ground or plants to spy on people.

Zetsu is a fascinating villain in Naruto, but far from the coolest. His dialogue, actions, and personality aren’t too compelling or memorable, either. His main function was to be a servant of princess Kaguya Otsutsuki, though it’s more complicated than that.

9/10: Hidan Is More Hated Than Admired For His Jutsu

Hidan with his scythe in naruto

The immortal thug Hidan is one of Naruto’s most despised villains because he killed Asuma Sarutobi and has a horrible personality. He’s also not clever or witty, instead relying on his blood-based jutsu voodoo to kill his enemies in grim rituals.

Naruto fans weren’t sorry to see Hidan go, but he still had some style. Nasty as he was, at least Hidan had a neat three-pronged scythe to slash his foes. He also had scary, cool markings when performing his rutuals, giving him a spooky Gothic horror look in battle.

8/10: Konan Is An Origami Angel

Konan from Naruto standing in front of a rainbow.

The Akatsuki’s sole female member, the blue-haired Konan, did not say or do much in Naruto. She was part of the “rain orphan” trio and once had hopes of peace, only to grow bitter upon Yahiko’s death. Now she is a quiet, stern Akatsuki member who protects Nagato/Pain.

Konan isn’t that cool or compelling, but she still has her merits. Konan is always a caring, protective person to her friends, and she has fascinating paper-based ninjutsu. With it, Konan can form origami angel wings to fly over the battlefield, and only toad oil can dampen those paper appendages.

7/10: Deidara Is The Akatsuki’s Explosion Expert

Deidara in Naruto, looking down

Deidara can combine earth and fire release to form explosive clay animals, and he used those weapons to great effect against the Kazekage Gaara and Sasuke Uchiha alike. Deidara can mold this clay in the mouths on his hands, and in emergencies, he will turn himself into a giant bomb.

Deidara is moderately cool as a Naruto villain. His tsundere personality amuses fans, making him somewhat dignified but also oddly lovable at times. Deidara is also fiercely passionate about his explosive jutsu and takes pride in it, which fans admire him for.

6/10: Kakuzu Is Terrifying & Cool With His Strange Jutsu

Kakuzu casting a jutsu

Kakuzu is Hidan’s partner, making them an immortality-based villain duo. Kakuzu is nearly indestructible and immortal since he is really several bodies in one, a chimera of different chakra releases. He also has several hearts, each housing a different elemental chakra type.

Kakuzu is a medical nightmare with his sutures, body horror, and bizarre black tendrils in combat. He is equally gruesome and thrilling to watch in Naruto Shippuden, fighting evenly against several Leaf ninjas on his own.

5/10: Sasori Became A Puppet Lich

Sasori and his puppets (Naruto Shippuden)

Kankuro has some impressive combat puppets, but Sasori’s collection is much bigger, scarier, and cooler. Sasori had 298 puppets as of his battle with Chiyo and Sakura, including the Third Kazekage’s puppet. It could even use the Third’s trademark iron sand jutsu.

Sasori is pretty cool with his awesome collection of puppets, taking pride in his own vision of true art. Sasori is even cooler when he uses his own puppet body, becoming Naruto’s version of a lich. His phylactery is a container that holds his organs and chakra, the last piece of his discarded humanity.

4/10: Kisame Hoshigaki Wields The Mighty Samehada

kisame smiling with samehada in Naruto

Kisame Hoshigaki has an affinity for water release jutsu, as his shark-like appearance would suggest. He contrasts with Itachi, being a tall, brutish warrior who fights recklessly while swinging around his famous sword, the Samehada.

Kisame’s toughness, bloodlust, and deadly combat technique are legendary in the Naruto fandom. Kisame can even rival tailed beasts in power, such as when Samehada eats the enemy’s chakra. Kisame can also morph into his shark form and shred his foes in an underwater duel.

3/10: Obito Uchiha Had Everyone Fooled As Tobi

obito uchiha unmasked in naruto

When Sasori died, the masked “Tobi” took his place, acting like a total goofball as Deidara’s new partner. But it was all a trick, with Tobi actually being Obito Uchiha in disguise and acting on Madara’s orders. Obito is actually smart, cunning, and capable of fearsome jutsu.

Obito is cool and aloofthroughout Shippuden, smartly analyzing and commenting on everything he saw while patiently preparing to make his own move. He can even perform the Kamui, a deadly jutsu that can teleport things to a different dimension. He also wielded the Rinnegan alongside his own Sharingan.

2/10: The Six Paths Of Pain Is Legendary In Shonen Anime

Naruto: The Six Paths of Pain, Explained

Nagato assumed the identity “Pain” to represent his fallen friend Yahiko and fulfill their new mission to spread pain to the entire world as a lesson. Pain is not one person but several operating under one name, and Pain is also one of Naruto’s coolest characters.

Pain terrified and delighted fans with his incredible Rinnegan, powerful ninjutsu, and most of all, his thought-provoking message about the painful cycle of hatred. Pain seriously upped the stakes when he slew his old mentor Jiraiya, then destroyed the Hidden Leaf Village.

1/10: Itachi Uchiha Is A Fan-Favorite

Itachi Uchiha Akatsuki from Naruto

Itachi Uchiha is Sasuke Uchiha’s fearsome older brother, going rogue after he slew his entire family aside from Sasuke. Itachi is not a true villain, but an antihero or antivillain who had his own plans. Itachi served the Akatsuki, but also longed to protect his home village.

Itachi is a deeper and more complex Akatsuki member than anyone expected, and he was actually a good person all along. That makes him exceptionally cool; in addition to his stylish appearance, his remarkable ninjutsu, and his chilling dialogue about provoking Sasuke’s hatred.


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