Dragon Ball Super: Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo All Set to Arrive In Manga!

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo All Set to Arrive In Manga!

You thought the time of Dragon Ball was over? Well you were wrong, as with the DBS: Super Hero movie last year, coming of Black Frieza in manga, Fortnite collab, and DBZ: Kakarot’s never ending DLC’s it is here to stay. Not just that, we are pretty sure that internet will break once again in the coming few months as DBS anime return will surely be announced by then. Add to all this, the events which are about to transpire in the newest arc of Dragon Ball Super manga, and there’s no stopping DB Franchise. What events am I talking about? Read on to find out!


Get Ready for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Manga Re-Interpretation!

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 88 Release Date Delayed to December Leaks

I am not sure about Dragon Ball Super generation but DBZ generation absolutely loved DBS: Super Hero movie. Reason is simple, it did justice to two of the most underdog yet iconic characters of DB franchise – Piccolo and Gohan. Every Z fan knows how badly writers butchered these two characters in Super and their power ups in DBS: Super Hero were well overdue. The transformations I am referring to are Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo, which they unlocked while fighting the Gamma’s and Cell Max. Good news is that they are cannon and are all set to arrive in the manga within next few issues!


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90, titled “Showdown with Dr. Hedo”, marks the end of the Super Hero Prequel saga as Dr. Hedo ended up in jail. From Chapter 91 the Cell Max – Gohan Beast – Orange Piccolo saga will begin as DBS will recount the events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in detail! Preview of Chapter 91 reads, “The RR army is finally on the move! Can Piccolo stop their ambitions?”


So, this officially confirms that we indeed see the events of DBS: Super Hero transpire in the manga and hopefully in the anime return as well. The one major problem fans had with this film was the unexplained transformation of Gohan which came out of nowhere and left its potential ambiguous as well. Well, it was previously stated by popular leakers that Gohan will probably train in the manga as opposed to the sloth he was shown to be in the film. As you may know, in manga, during Black Goku saga, Gohan trained with Future Trunks in hyperbolic time chamber. That didn’t happen in the anime so it is possible Gohan was able to achieve that transformation as well as perfect the Special Beam Cannon during that training.

Well, we’ll see what’ll happen in the manga but we do hope they explain the transformations well. One other question that needs to be asked is that will Broly debut in the manga as well? He has already been mentioned once in the manga and considering how he was a part of DBS: SH, we expect him to make an appearance in the coming issues as well. Now do not expect Gohan Beast, Cell Max, and Orange Piccolo to appear right away as it will take at least 3-4 issues to get to the climactic battle. Also, get ready for Black Frieza vs Beast Gohan in future, as now, it has to happen!


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