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Delicious: Emily’s Miracle of Life Review – Baby Boom

Life is good for Emily and her family. Patrick is almost finished renovating his man cave attic. Emily’s cooking-centric video blog has really started to take off. And little Paige, well, she’s outside looking for the stork. Paige thinks it’s time she had a baby brother, you see, but the only problem is Emily and her husband can’t make that happen. While Paige searches the skies for a baby in a blanket, Patrick and Emily take a look at their lives and wonder what the future has in store.

Delicious: Emily’s Miracle of Life is a time management title in the ever-expanding series of games starring Emily and her circle of friends. We’ve joined Emily on her vacation, helped her celebrate the holidays, and even meddled in her family affairs as she worked things out with relatives overseas. Now the story is a little more personal with Emily and Patrick’s struggle to have another child. The same heartwarming cutscenes and character interactions are intact, not to mention the addictive time management setup we’ve grown to love.

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The gameplay in Miracle of Life follows the same formula as previous games in the series. Each level puts you in control of Emily as she serves customers that stream into her little shop. People walk in and think up a menu request, then you start clicking to fulfill their order as fast as you can. Most of the requests are fairly straightforward and only require a step or two to complete. A few will need assembly, such as the toast with toppings in the first level. You’ll also have to clean or restock certain items when they run out. As long as you move fast and keep an eye on the level’s bonus goal, you’ll earn those three stars, no problem!

Before starting each level you’ll get a chance to spend some cash on a few upgrades. Add new menu items for customers to order, make Emily move faster by adding a coat of wax to the floor, or make Carl the mouse hang around longer with an adorable plushie in the window! The upgrades add a nice bit of customization to the overall experience. Some players will go straight for the speed boosts, while others will opt for tip bonuses and other money saving measures.

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As Delicious: Emily’s Miracle of Life charges forward you’ll move to new settings with varying layouts and different menu plans. There are six chapters in all, each stocked with ten levels and a few bonus stages that switch the goals up a bit. Most of the game’s variety comes from the story, which unfolds in brief cutscenes before and after each level. These interludes are always a highlight of the Delicious Emily experience, and Miracle of Life holds the same high standards as before.

It’s easy to fall for Delicious: Emily’s Miracle of Life, especially if you’re a casual gamer with a young family. The mix of time management and storytelling is perfectly balanced to keep your mind and your click-reflexes thoroughly engaged. You’ll come for the customer service action, but you’ll stay to see if Emily and Patrick get to fulfill their dreams.

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