Boruto Unleashes a Villain Stronger Than Isshiki On Konoha

Episode 219 of the Boruto anime has unleashed a vengeful villain on Konoha, and he’s even stronger than Isshiki.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 219, “Return,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In the Boruto anime, Naruto and his team are breathing a sigh of relief after dodging the bullet known as Isshiki Ōtsutsuki. They barely managed to kill the alien, returning home to Konoha with Kurama dead, Naruto de-powered, Sasuke missing his Rinnegan and Boruto struggling to keep Momoshiki at bay. However, they appreciate the silver lining and are looking forward to fighting another threat, another day. Well, that’s about to creep up on them much sooner than expected as Boruto has now unleashed a villain even stronger than Isshiki on Konoha.

When the Hokage and Co. get back, they hold council with the scientist, Amado, who defected from Kara and betrayed Isshiki. He and Koji Kashin enacted a plan that brought Isshiki out of his host, Jigen, leading to Naruto’s team killing the villain, but now Amado warns them about Code.

The youngster is the last remnant of Isshiki’s cell, hiding out in another pocket dimension to keep watch over the Ten Tails. While Boruto hasn’t shown much of Code in action, Amado warns he’s a more dangerous vessel than Kawaki. While he wasn’t the perfect host, Code has much more power within, so without Isshiki he can run wild.

The big twist is that Amado placed limiters on him, which Code loved as he didn’t want to be stronger than his boss. He actually revered Isshiki like a god and father, but the truth is, Isshiki also knew Code’s genetic experiments made the boy all-powerful. He hasn’t been using his full potential — but Amado knows this will change once his revenge quest begins.

To top it off, Code has a White Karma as opposed to the Black one Kawaki had, which allows Isshiki’s soul to appear before him one last time. He bestows all his might on the teen, telling him he now has to carry out the Ōtsutsuki will. Isshiki dissipates and Code vows to bring Konoha to its knees for destroying his deity.

Even with his limiters on, Amado knows Code is a one-man wrecking crew. Seeing as he’s the only one who can remove them, the scientist is worried as he is now a target too. It leaves Boruto fans anxious to see the death and destruction ahead as Code readies to use his Ōtsutsuki abilities to come after Boruto and Kawaki.

Their alien DNA means they can be offered up as sacrifices to the Ten Tails to create the God Tree and chakra fruit, which was Isshiki’s plan all along. And seeing as all that’s left is Isshiki’s ‘son,’ Code embraces the chance of finish the mission and drain the planet of its life essence — especially as he’ll get to savor the pain of the Hidden Leaf shinobi along the way.

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