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Black Clover Manga Chapter 346 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Obviously, massive spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 346 follow below, so read at your own risk. If you haven’t yet, check out Chapter 345 spoilers and summary right here. Also, check out some of the pages attached below or simply click this link for all raw scans.

Black Clover Chapter 346 Spoiler Prediction

Black Clover Chapter 346 Spoilers and Full Plot Leaked

Chapter starts as the civilians are remarking that they see the 5-headed dragon from the legend and are wondering if the Shogun and the Ryuzen will be alright. Kezokaku easily avoids the attacks -which Ichika remarks how quick that woman is when she does not think- however Lily cynically comments maybe it’s not so good if she avoids the attacks, and the 5-headed dragon’s attack is shown to destroy a mountain.

After Lily’s cynical remark, Ichika flashbacks that they have a master who sees everything. In the flashback, Ryu tells the Ryuzen everything; that an enemy attack is imminent, war is about to break out, they’re called paladin’s, belong to Lucius etc. This flashback happened “yesterday”; i.e. Ryu saw the future half a day ahead (he said “Im feeling this’d happen in the morning). He told them about the Paladin’s magic types and also that the seal on the 5-headed dragon would be broken.

In the flashback one of the Ryuzen says they need to defeat the enemy but Ryu replies first they need to save the citizens. He can foresee that the 5-headed dragon will cause a lot of destruction. He says the enemy is stronger than ever. Ryu asks if they think they can win. Inner monologue of Ryuzen says they’re gonna win. Daizaemon has Earth Yojutsu and his spell is “Wisdom King Buddhist Priest”. In Vajrayana Buddhism, a Wisdom King is the third type of deity after Buddhas and bodhisattvas.

Black Clover 346 continues as Kezokaku has Snow Yojutsu and her spell is “White silver fox in blood dyed kimono”. Silver fox, “gingitsune” is reference to “kitsune” from Japanese folklore. Komari has lightning yojutsu with spell “Thunderbolt (金剛, Buddhist symbol of indestructible truth) Yakshahime 5-fold dance”. (Yaksha is the name of a class of nature-spirits, usually benevolent, who are caretakers of the natural treasures hidden in the earth). Jozo has Wind Yojutsu and his spell is some killing blade. I’ve honestly never seen some of these kanji before but I’m pretty sure it’s a reference to something like with the others.

Ichika’s spell is Dark Yojutsu: Black Crescent Moon. She slices one of the heads of the dragon off easily. It’s a good thing 5 of the Ryuzen went up against the 5-headed dragon… I feel like each one was meant for one head… Last page. Lily seems amazed at the performance of the Ryuzen “wow these are the strongest mages of this country…” Ichika says “Ryuya sama believes we won’t surrender…!”

Magazine will be on break next week, so yeah there will be no Black Clover next week again!

The spoilers and raw scans will be added live soon, so we ask you to be a little patient and surely check back after a few hours.


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